A Map of Our World

Our invitations are currently in the works!  I’ve been talking with a graphic designer to come up with something formal, bright, personal, and cute!  I love cute. 🙂  And even though I have no idea what it will look like, I already know that my favorite part is going to be the map!

Mr. Parfait and I grew up (and currently live) in the town where we’re having our ceremony.   Our houses are about 30 seconds away from each other, and our reception venue is just down the street!  All of this close proximity means that we can feature our favorite places on the map, including:

  • Our current homes
  • The place we met: Our high school!
  • The hill where we have all our picnic-and-frisbee afternoons
  • The fountain where he proposed to me
  • Our favorite restaurant
  • Our favorite ice cream shop
  • Oh, and our church and reception venue…can’t forget those!

While looking for map-inspiration, I came across Aerialist Press.  I fell in love with the maps in their gallery!  Here is a sampling of what they create:

map aerialistSource

map aerialist2Source

map aerialist3Source

These three maps have completely different styles, but I adore all of them!  The first is formal; the second is playful; and the third is very straightforward.  I think my older relatives would appreciate the third one the most, but my younger ones would get a kick out of the second one.


Isn’t this so creative?  I had to include this map, because our first date was at The Cheesecake Factory, too. 🙂 

 Which map is your favorite?  And what other places would you include on your wedding map?


October 27, 2009. Letterpress, Stationery, Vendors.

One Comment

  1. Alexandra replied:

    Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for blogging about us! We were using Google Analytics and stumbled on your post. First off, so cool that you like our maps! The Napa map we did for our own wedding, the Oahu one for a destination wedding bride. Second, we have to give credit where credit is due: the second map is a collaboration with the Left Handed Calligrapher- she drew it and we pressed it! She is awesome. Anyway, just wanted to make sure we didn’t take credit for her gorgeous art 🙂

    xox, Alexandra (The AP)

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