Our Friends and Family Plan

Seeking out wedding vendors is tough, time-consuming task.  I looked at ads in local wedding magazines, received referrals from venues, and asked newly married friends.  After swimming through a sea of unfamiliar names, I had an awesome idea:  Ask my mom!  She always knows what to do!

fam2Mommy and me ❤

She thought of some friends and relatives off the top of her head, and I hesitated.  “Is it okay to ask people we know?  Won’t they want to relax and enjoy the wedding as normal guests?”  She shooed away my concerns, and said that she would start asking around.  Here’s who we’ve recruited so far:

  • Our officiant is my uncle.  He’s a pastor and a devoted dad to my two adorable cousins.  He’s also really funny and easygoing—just the kind of person I want close to me on the big day!
  • Our graphic designer is my beautiful and talented cousin.  I have lots of embarrassing pictures of us from our childhood and adolescence, but we’ll save those for her wedding. 😉
  • Our florist is my “auntie.”  She’s not family, but our families have been friends since before I was born.  I have fond memories of babysitting her little girl and watching my mom help arrange flowers for her shop.
  • My hair and makeup artist is another “auntie.”  She has several successful salons in our area, and I am glad that I’ll have a familiar face with me on the morning of our wedding day!

I asked my mom if I should draw up contracts with them, and she said that it’s not necessary.  As long as they’re free on our wedding day, we’ll be all set!  I have to admit, the easy-breeziness of it all worries me.  What if something happens—what if they have to go out of state or they get sick that weekend?

But my nerves settle when I realize that these are people who have known me since I was a tiny tot.  They care about me, and if something went wrong, they would make it right without a second thought.   I feel relieved knowing that the details are in the hands of people I know and love.

Do you have any family-member-vendors or (as other Bees have called them) friendors?


October 29, 2009. Our Friendly Vendors, Vendors.

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