Sunday Bunday!

My sleeping schedule is crazy right now (thanks, Black Friday!).  And even though I slept a decent amount over the weekend, it was at weird hours, so I ended up feeling groggy every day.  I had that please-let-me-nap-some-more, just-wanna-curl-up-in-bed-and-cuddle, mmmm-feels-so-good-to-close-my-eyes feeling.

If I received this pillow, I’m sure I could never resist that feeling again.


Oh cozy, soft bunny-ness.  I want my face on you.

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A Song Stuck in My Heart

The more I seek you, the more I find you
The more I find you, the more I love you

I want to sit at your feet
Drink from the cup in your hand
Lay back against you and breathe
Hear your heart beat

This love is so deep
It’s more than I can stand
I melt in your peace
It’s overwhelming

-Kari Jobe’s “The More I Seek You”

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Save the Date Rhymes

It’s five months out, and Adam was ready to send our Save the Dates weeks ago.  I caused a series of delays (just call me Miss Indecisive), including a last-minute plan to enclose a sweet two-line poem.  It would add a personal touch and let people know that the enclosed item is a magnet.  We came up with a few of our own, searched Weddingbee for ideas, and asked our rhyming-inclined friends for suggestions.  Out of ideas, Adam suggested we post the question on another online community.

At first, I asked him not to—I thought most of the comments would be useless, crass, and generally anti-wedding.  (It ain’t no Weddingbee!)  And many of them were.  But we did it for fun, braced ourselves for the worst, and, 308 replies later, actually found a few gems!  Here are the ones that made us smile:

We’re having a wedding, as you might have guessed/And this magnet means we want YOU as a guest!

When we met, we knew it was fate/Here is a magnet to save the date.

A magnet for you to let you know/Our wedding’s approaching, we hope you go!

When you go to the fridge to feed your face/Remember our wedding’s time and place.

Put this magnet in your kitchen/So you’ll remember when we’re hitchin’.

He popped the question; she said, “Yes!”/Now he’s renting a tux and she’s buying a dress.

Fish, chicken or beef tonight/We’re getting married, you’re coming right?

You might remember this date in your head/To be safe, here’s a magnet with the date we will wed.

Good company, good food and good wine/Please be there when I make her mine.

Like this magnet on metal, we’re joining together/So make sure you’re there when we make it forever.

A small reminder for you to keep/Of the day your friends took the leap.

Instead of eating that leftover meatloaf/Come to our wedding in April, you sweet oaf.

We’re getting married a little later/Keep this on your refrigerator.

Before you eat too much to easily digest/Remember this date to fit in your dress.

____ and ____ will soon exchange vows/Then culminate the night with bow-chicka-bow-wows.

Our wedding is what this magnet’s about/So if you can come, just give us a shout!

Save the date, we hope you come./There will be cake, OM NOM NOM NOM!

We’re still deciding on which one to use.  If it were your magnet, which one would you choose? 🙂

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A Sensitive Bride

I know that I’m a stuck-in-a-happy-bubble, head-in-the-clouds kind of bride, but I’ll take a moment to get real with all of you.  There is one thing that plagues me and worries me the most about our wedding, and it’s something I can’t entirely control.

My sensitive skin.

Okay, you can laugh.  It’s pretty common and usually not too traumatizing.  Unless, of course, you’re me, and your skin freaks out over every little thing it touches.  Like forks.  Or couches.  Or pants.  Yeeeah…all thanks to:

Awesome.  See, it’s something that I openly admit to, but I do everything in my power to hide the evidence.  (And don’t worry, I’m not allergic to all pants—anything cotton is usually fine!)

It stresses me out to think of having an unexpected allergic reaction to something I wear or touch before the wedding.  My condition has turned me into a total perfectionist about my skin, and probably the most humiliating thing you can do to me is to point out one of my “sensitive spots.”  It’s only happened a few times (I hide them really well), but each time, it was pretty killer on my self-esteem.  I can’t even imagine that happening on my wedding day.

And so, this bride-to-be is on a strict regimen to avoid developing a sensitive spot that lasts until my wedding day.  My rules:

  1. No skin-on-button/zipper/snaps contact.  Layering helps!
  2. No hot showers.
  3. No new lotions, soaps, or body products.
  4. No utensils with metal handles.  When in doubt, eat with hands!
  5. No snuggling with animals. 😥
  6. Wear only my “safe” jewelry.
  7. Throw out the dozen eyeliners that I’m allergic to, and find one that doesn’t irritate!  This is seriously the hardest one.
  8. Take daily vitamins.  I think this helps!

Anyone else out there on a strict skin regimen before the wedding?  What are you doing to ensure you have a healthy bridal glow?

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Sunday Bunday!

I love seeing people’s centerpieces for their reception tables.  But I have a little pet peeve: The salt and pepper shakers next to the centerpieces.  I know they’re somewhat necessary, but I wish there was some way to camouflage them.

Well, this may not be camouflage, but it’s the next best thing!  They’re sweet, and they coordinate with our theme (bunnies) and colors (pink and yellow).


Wouldn’t these be sweet on our reception tables?  “Please pass the bunny!”

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Dark Room, Bright Colors

Ever since we chose our reception venue, I’ve been a little torn about our colors.  I love bright, happy colors (especially pink), but I imagined them against white walls and linens.  I wasn’t sure how they would look against the dark walls of Signature Events.

So it’s always a pleasure to see examples of cheery colors in dark spaces, as shown in the pictures below!


I adore all the details here!  Notes to self:  Use hand-made, gorgeous bellybands around menus.  Make pretty, patterned hanging lanterns.  Find antique-looking candlesticks and vases.  Order an abundance of fluffy flowers and succulents.

Sigh, can’t I just copy + paste this wedding into mine? 🙂

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Bright and Lovely Bridesmaids

Take five girls, add two dressing rooms, one baby, hundreds of dresses, and subtract one consultant, and you’ll have a pretty good snapshot of my Saturday afternoon!  More specifically, it was my bridesmaids’ fun-filled, slightly-chaotic day of dress-shopping.

100_4013 (1)

That’s my sis-in-law on the left and my BFFs to the right.  I asked the girls to choose and try on any dresses they liked, so they started hunting through the racks.

100_4014 (1)

My niece helped by checking out the prices for us.  Thanks, baby girl!

100_4040 (1)

That’s Mr. Parfait’s sis-in-law on the left.  These two dresses were early favorites, despite the strange brown+navy color combo of one sample.  You’ll have to imagine all of these styles in pink!

100_4036 (1)

Heehee, I was in this girl’s wedding two years ago, and I think the white bridesmaid dresses had her reminiscing.  After a few rounds of dress-up, I found a dress that I had kept in my Inspiration folder and made all four girls try it on.  Here was the inspiration:

barijay wbeeproam

I loved everything about this dress!  The romantic ruffles at the top, the shiny ribbon around the waist, the flowing skirt.  I was so excited to see it in person!

100_4051 (1)

My dear friends, however, vetoed the dress (left) almost immediately.  And sadly, I had to agree.  Maybe it was the color and size of the sample, but it just wasn’t as lovable in person!

100_4048 (1)

Meanwhile, everyone was still feeling the green and brown dresses.

100_4058 (1)

Despite the shine, I added this blue dress to the mix.  It looked stunning on each girl, but the unforgiving fabric inspired talk of workout videos, Spanx, post-pregnancy Spanx-like apparel, and crunches.  After three hours in the store (!!!), each girl chose her favorite, which narrowed it down to the top three:

bmaid favsKnown to us as: The Brown/Navy dress, the Shiny Blue dress, and the Green dress

And where was I this whole time?

Oh, I was there all along—playing with my sweet, little munchkin!

Did you (or will you) go shopping with your bridesmaids?  How many outings  did it take to decide on a dress?

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Sunday Bunday!

It’s been forever since I checked out Apartment Therapy–AKA my post-college addiction.  I’ll probably get re-addicted to the site once we’re married and have an apartment or condo to work on!  Until then, I’ll just enjoy their fun finds, like these adorable bunny vases and sculptures:

bunnyvase prettyrandomob

bunny sculpt prettyrandomob

bunny sculpture prettyrandomobjects

bunnyvase prettyrrandomobjectsAll from the Etsy shop of prettyrandomobjects

How sweet are the bunnies with little homes?  And I love the vases–they’d make the perfect centerpieces for our bunny family dinners. 🙂

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Dress-Maker, I am Not

But my mother is one heck of a designer.  And since all the bridesmaid dresses that caught my eye were simple and sweet, I asked my mom what she thought about maybe, possibly making them!  I would help, of course, but she’s seen enough of my failed projects to know that I’d be more of a benchwarmer.  She agreed that it would be more cost-effective for my bridesmaids and asked me to show her examples of what I like.

During our Let’s-Make-Dresses Phase, my mom considered various fabrics as I flipped through pattern books to get an idea of what’s out there.

DSC09549 (1)Source

This pattern immediately reminded me of Samantha Harris!  She wore a gorgeous blue dress on Dancing with the Stars recently, and my sis-in-law thought it would make a pretty bridesmaid dress.  I tried to imagine it in a soft, pink fabric, like Carrie Underwood’s dress:

oneshoulderSource and Source

DSC09545 (1)Source

The pattern above is sweet, but I didn’t like the overlapping fabric on the bust.  We’d make the two “flaps” (can you tell I’ve never taken a fashion design class in my life?) meet in the middle and add some feminine details.  I imagined something similar to these:

disneySource and Source

DSC09554 (2)Source

I liked seeing the short and long version of patterns—it was reassuring to know my girls could hack it up, and it’d still look pretty. 🙂  The one above reminded me of Heidi Klum’s dress here:

heidi dressSource

There were a few wedding gown and accessory patterns, too!  Not totally my style, but I thought I’d share in case anyone’s wondering what’s available in this department:

DSC09558 (1)Source

DSC09550 (1)Source

After all of our research, we nixed our plan to make the bridesmaid dresses.  I wouldn’t be able to visit my mom in Florida enough to offer help and direction, and since all the girls are here in Illinois, we wouldn’t be able to do any fittings.  My bridesmaids don’t know that we were considering this, so nothing has changed for them!

I’ll actually be shopping with my bridesmaids this weekend!  I’ll let you know if we find anything. 🙂

What DIY projects have you given up in the name of simplicity?

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Dressing Vases

When I started wedding planning, I had all these dreams of making my own tablecloths, napkins, bridesmaid dresses, fabric draping, and centerpieces!  A lack of sewing skills caused the fabric-related DIYs to fall away, but I was still determined to add a homemade touch to the centerpieces.

So I went and bought 50 vases, all of which have been sitting in my basement, waiting to be personalized and Hannah-fied.  And here’s what I plan to do with them!

wtreasured petal alicia-12

As you know, there is a special place in my heart for the work of the Treasured Petal.  And one of Kristin’s trademarks is the vellum-wrapped candle!  (Okay, it’s actually a vellum-wrapped vase, but there are candles inside!)  The first time I saw it, I knew it would be my very first DIY wedding project.

wtreasuredpetal lanterns

Looks pretty doable, right?  I adore flowers, so I would want a mix of florals and candles on each table.  Above is a beautiful example and a quirky mix of papers.

In closer detail

This last version is my favorite—simple, elegant, and personal.  The text looks fabulous, and just imagine having all of your favorite passages and poems in the room with you on your wedding day!  I’ve bookmarked pages from my favorite books to wrap around the vases, but I’m still on the search for many more.

So there it is—my soon-to-be first DIY!  Of course, I still feel like the wedding is so far away that I don’t need to start anytime soon.  (I imagine I’ll regret those words in a few months…)

What motivated you to start working on your wedding projects?  Did you start way in advance, or put it off until the last few months?

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