Asian Inspiration: Hair Styles

Now that I have some ideas for my wedding day makeup, it’s time to move onto the hair!  Here’s what I have to work with:

parfaitA little dry.  Random bumps.  Wispy hairs around my face.

That’s how it looks after a wash-n-go.  It takes well to a blow dryer and curling iron—both of which erase the bumps and make it shinier.  I would love to curl my hair and wear it down, but I know that it’ll start getting piece-y and straight after a few hours. My hair is too messy in front to pull off a sleek updo, so I think my best options are:

1.  A low updo, modeled by Song Hye-kyo!  I love how it’s a little loose in front, because mine would not stay in a slicked-back bun.  I also like how you can see the bun from the front.  It feels more feminine to me than having all the hair hiding in back.

hair songhyegyo  kdramaqueenSource

2.  A half updo, as shown on Hyori Lee.  With this, I’ll get that letting-my-hair-down feeling without the hair-in-my-face worries.  My bangs have grown out, and I’ve been debating whether or not I should leave them alone.  I think I’ll get them cut again—not as fierce as Hyori’s, but just enough to leave some down to frame my face.

hair hyori cosmoSource

3.  Throw caution to the wind, and wear my hair down!  This look is modeled by the adorable Vanessa Hudgens.  My amazingly kind MOH has styled my hair this way for a few occasions.  I usually manage to make it all fuzzy by the end of a night, so I would definitely want to do a trial run with my hairstylist.

hair vanessahudgensSource

Choices, choices, what should I choose?  Would you recommend a low updo, half-up, or all down?


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