Asian Inspiration: Make Up

For the wedding, I’m not exactly branching out in the makeup department. I’ve never tried any bold looks, with the exception of the extreme makeovers my friends and I would give each other as kids. I’m planning to stick with what I know and go for subtlety. For soft, natural makeup ideas, I turned to my favorite Korean actress!

Soft, pink perfection:

wmakeup songhyegyoSource

Isn’t she gorgeous?  I have a total girl-crush on her.  I love seeing how Asian girls wear their hair and makeup, even if our faces are totally different.  It just helps to see how they make the most of their skin tones and features!  I have full lips and full cheeks, like Song Hye-gyo, so I like seeing what works for her.  This next look is glow-y and sweet, with just a touch of color on the lips:

makeup songhyegyoSource

And I definitely need some eyelash enhancements.  I had glue-on lashes during our engagement photos, but they were completely unnoticeable!  That’s my fault for choosing the shortest lash option available. 😛  I would try something a little bolder but with very little eye makeup, like this:

lashes songhyegroSource

 And for you bolder brides, here are a few of Song Hye-kyo’s more daring makeup looks!

makeup shg1

makeup shg2

makeup shg3Source of above three photos

Heehee, I just showed these to Adam, and he was like, “What is daring about these?”  I guess I’m just a makeup wimp—I think that eyeshadow is really daring!  Lipstick, too!  They are the unused mysteries of my makeup bag.

Who do you look to for makeup inspiration?


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