Dressing Vases

When I started wedding planning, I had all these dreams of making my own tablecloths, napkins, bridesmaid dresses, fabric draping, and centerpieces!  A lack of sewing skills caused the fabric-related DIYs to fall away, but I was still determined to add a homemade touch to the centerpieces.

So I went and bought 50 vases, all of which have been sitting in my basement, waiting to be personalized and Hannah-fied.  And here’s what I plan to do with them!

wtreasured petal alicia-12

As you know, there is a special place in my heart for the work of the Treasured Petal.  And one of Kristin’s trademarks is the vellum-wrapped candle!  (Okay, it’s actually a vellum-wrapped vase, but there are candles inside!)  The first time I saw it, I knew it would be my very first DIY wedding project.

wtreasuredpetal lanterns

Looks pretty doable, right?  I adore flowers, so I would want a mix of florals and candles on each table.  Above is a beautiful example and a quirky mix of papers.

In closer detail

This last version is my favorite—simple, elegant, and personal.  The text looks fabulous, and just imagine having all of your favorite passages and poems in the room with you on your wedding day!  I’ve bookmarked pages from my favorite books to wrap around the vases, but I’m still on the search for many more.

So there it is—my soon-to-be first DIY!  Of course, I still feel like the wedding is so far away that I don’t need to start anytime soon.  (I imagine I’ll regret those words in a few months…)

What motivated you to start working on your wedding projects?  Did you start way in advance, or put it off until the last few months?


November 10, 2009. Decor, Lighting.

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