Bright and Lovely Bridesmaids

Take five girls, add two dressing rooms, one baby, hundreds of dresses, and subtract one consultant, and you’ll have a pretty good snapshot of my Saturday afternoon!  More specifically, it was my bridesmaids’ fun-filled, slightly-chaotic day of dress-shopping.

100_4013 (1)

That’s my sis-in-law on the left and my BFFs to the right.  I asked the girls to choose and try on any dresses they liked, so they started hunting through the racks.

100_4014 (1)

My niece helped by checking out the prices for us.  Thanks, baby girl!

100_4040 (1)

That’s Mr. Parfait’s sis-in-law on the left.  These two dresses were early favorites, despite the strange brown+navy color combo of one sample.  You’ll have to imagine all of these styles in pink!

100_4036 (1)

Heehee, I was in this girl’s wedding two years ago, and I think the white bridesmaid dresses had her reminiscing.  After a few rounds of dress-up, I found a dress that I had kept in my Inspiration folder and made all four girls try it on.  Here was the inspiration:

barijay wbeeproam

I loved everything about this dress!  The romantic ruffles at the top, the shiny ribbon around the waist, the flowing skirt.  I was so excited to see it in person!

100_4051 (1)

My dear friends, however, vetoed the dress (left) almost immediately.  And sadly, I had to agree.  Maybe it was the color and size of the sample, but it just wasn’t as lovable in person!

100_4048 (1)

Meanwhile, everyone was still feeling the green and brown dresses.

100_4058 (1)

Despite the shine, I added this blue dress to the mix.  It looked stunning on each girl, but the unforgiving fabric inspired talk of workout videos, Spanx, post-pregnancy Spanx-like apparel, and crunches.  After three hours in the store (!!!), each girl chose her favorite, which narrowed it down to the top three:

bmaid favsKnown to us as: The Brown/Navy dress, the Shiny Blue dress, and the Green dress

And where was I this whole time?

Oh, I was there all along—playing with my sweet, little munchkin!

Did you (or will you) go shopping with your bridesmaids?  How many outings  did it take to decide on a dress?


November 17, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Jen replied:

    Where is the inspiration photo from, Hannah? It is gorgeous! I’m planning a June 2010 wedding and would love to see more of that wedding.

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