Save the Date Rhymes

It’s five months out, and Adam was ready to send our Save the Dates weeks ago.  I caused a series of delays (just call me Miss Indecisive), including a last-minute plan to enclose a sweet two-line poem.  It would add a personal touch and let people know that the enclosed item is a magnet.  We came up with a few of our own, searched Weddingbee for ideas, and asked our rhyming-inclined friends for suggestions.  Out of ideas, Adam suggested we post the question on another online community.

At first, I asked him not to—I thought most of the comments would be useless, crass, and generally anti-wedding.  (It ain’t no Weddingbee!)  And many of them were.  But we did it for fun, braced ourselves for the worst, and, 308 replies later, actually found a few gems!  Here are the ones that made us smile:

We’re having a wedding, as you might have guessed/And this magnet means we want YOU as a guest!

When we met, we knew it was fate/Here is a magnet to save the date.

A magnet for you to let you know/Our wedding’s approaching, we hope you go!

When you go to the fridge to feed your face/Remember our wedding’s time and place.

Put this magnet in your kitchen/So you’ll remember when we’re hitchin’.

He popped the question; she said, “Yes!”/Now he’s renting a tux and she’s buying a dress.

Fish, chicken or beef tonight/We’re getting married, you’re coming right?

You might remember this date in your head/To be safe, here’s a magnet with the date we will wed.

Good company, good food and good wine/Please be there when I make her mine.

Like this magnet on metal, we’re joining together/So make sure you’re there when we make it forever.

A small reminder for you to keep/Of the day your friends took the leap.

Instead of eating that leftover meatloaf/Come to our wedding in April, you sweet oaf.

We’re getting married a little later/Keep this on your refrigerator.

Before you eat too much to easily digest/Remember this date to fit in your dress.

____ and ____ will soon exchange vows/Then culminate the night with bow-chicka-bow-wows.

Our wedding is what this magnet’s about/So if you can come, just give us a shout!

Save the date, we hope you come./There will be cake, OM NOM NOM NOM!

We’re still deciding on which one to use.  If it were your magnet, which one would you choose? 🙂


November 27, 2009. Stationery.

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