Sunday Bunday! Holiday Edition!

Hope you had a very merry Christmas!  And have a happy new year!


Wishing you love, laughter, and joy throughout the year!

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High School Satellite

When Jeanette and I met for our Christmas celebration, we took a little time to discuss satellite party details!  About that: My wedding planning book calls all the events surrounding a wedding “Satellite Celebrations,” so that’s what I’ve taken to calling them.

We brainstormed a list of themes that we could use for any of the events.  Since Adam and I met in high school, we thought a high school theme would be appropriate!  Besides our little brainstorming session, Jen wants to keep the details of these parties a surprise.  But I couldn’t resist—as soon as I got home, I did some research to flesh out the theme!

For starters, we could set the tables with simple centerpieces in our school colors.  Ours were red and white, just like this.  Check out the notebook paper place cards!

tablescape highschoolSource

Stacks of colorful books look fresh, while invitations inspired by library book cards lend some nostalgia.

wlovesplendor books kidsencyclopediasSource

 This wall of lockers could serve as a doodle pad and guest book for the event.  Those two decked-out lockers would be his and mine.  They’d be so much fun to decorate!


Mini chalkboards, biggie chalkboards—the teacher in me loves them all!  We could use these to display a menu, seating chart, or directions for a game.


And the secret reason that BFF and I love this theme?  Because we L-O-V-E High School Musical!  A high school themed party would be the perfect excuse to play HSM soundtracks in the background and make food tributes to the movies (“A pi pie!”  “Strudels, scones, even apply pandowdy!”).  We’re so sneaky.

Are you clued into themes for your satellite celebrations, or are you looking forward to being surprised?

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Fluffy Snow, Fuzzy Boots

So remember my habit of falling in love with very specific items that I can never actually obtain? Well, I realized that Adam totally doesn’t understand the “never actually obtain” part…because he just gave me an early Christmas present:

MmmMMmMMmmm…now that’s what I call bootilicious!

I spotted these boots in a UK bridal magazine a few months ago.  Like all of my object-crushes, I was resigned to loving them from afar.  To avoid heartbreak and an empty wallet, I told myself that they weren’t sold in the US, and that they were way beyond my budget.  Of course, that didn’t keep me from telling Adam about every conceivable situation which may require white boots.

One of the possibilities looked exactly like this.  Except that would be me in the marvelous dress and boots, and Adam would be in there wearing a dapper suit. 🙂

And then I thought, we could do this for our second engagement session!  A *wintry* engagement session.  You see, we had an awesome e-shoot with hannahelaine photography way back in March.  Months later, we signed with our wedding photographer, and our package included another e-session.  Instead of letting these go to waste, I’ve kept my eyes open for fun, crazy ideas for our second photo-op.

Glam, enchanted snowscape sounds pretty fun to me!

Source for all photos

Just imagine:  Him and me.  In a snowy forest.  Hanging out.  Dressed to the nines…plus boots!

Oh, and after our e-shoot and all my winter snow-stomping, I can totally re-wear these for the wedding, right?  They’re white.  And fancy-ish.  And you never know when it might rain in April… 😛

Was there an accessory or prop you were excited to use in your engagement photos?

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His Ring!

Over the weekend, Adam received a big box in the mail. I get overly excited about mail, so I bounced in circles around him, asking him what was inside. And GUESS WHAT HE SAID!

“Probably my wedding ring.”

Oh my-eeeeeeeeee!!!

I cheered him on as he opened the big box. Then there was another box. And then a plastic package! Oh, the suspense!

It was taking way too long. Here’s a steak knife to help, Bun!

By the time we got to the little white box, he was doubled over in laughter. I was dancing and singing about rings and boxes at some point. I couldn’t contain my excitement!

Finally! A glimpse of the actual ring box! And…..Ta daaaaa:

Amazing. It’s amazing! Why is this simple little ring so amazing?

  1. It’s shiny! Oooh~
  2. He’s going to be wearing this from April until…forever! (heehee, you’d think I was writing this post to scare him.)
  3. Whenever we looked at men’s rings, he gave me his “I’m not feeling this” look. This is the ring that changed his mind about rings—it looked awesome on his hand!
  4. It’s symbolic of his commitment. I am beyond sentimental, and just looking at the ring already makes me teary-eyed.
  5. It’s also a mark of his heritage, because he’ll be wearing it on his right hand! The way all Serbs wear it—so says his Tata. 🙂

I don’t know a girl who wasn’t excited about her own ring. Were you excited about his?

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Sunday Bunday!

It’s been a stressful, sick, altogether arduous week.  Adam and I managed to wrangle up some fun, but overall, I’m just ready to go to FLORIDA!  Like now. 🙂

Can’t you imagine it?  Lying on the beach with my love and my sweet puppy.  Soaking up the sunshine.  Reading through a stack of books.  Daydreaming about tiny bunny details at weddings, like this one:


Sighhhh, I am so ready!

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Our Manly Wedding Website

When we decided on a wedding website, we didn’t give it much thought.  In fact, my MOH and I first realized we needed a website when she was helping me with the Save the Dates!  There was a blank space on the magnets for a URL, and in a rush to fill it, we did a quick Google search for wedding website hosts.  BAD idea.  We were completely overwhelmed!  There were so many options, and at first glance, everything was way too feminine to force upon Adam and the more masculine half of the guest list.

So we went with what I knew:  Blogs!  MOH and I created a new WordPress blog that would be disguised as a wedding website.  It was free, fast, and super simple!  Did I mention free?  Here’s what we did:

1.  Create a new blog, and look for a blog template that emphasizes separate pages.  Anything with large tabs works nicely.  Keep in mind that you can usually customize the colors and banners.

2.  Click to activate the most tab-poppin’ template, and choose titles for your pages.  The first page (titled “Home” on mine) is where you would normally blog.  I put a short “Welcome” message there and will not be adding any other entries to the page.

(Isn’t it so manly?  I figured my personal blog and Weddingbee were girlicious enough that I could beef up our wedding website.)

3.  As in a regular wedding website, input helpful info and cute pictures on each page.

Et voila!  It’s simple.  It’s easy to navigate.  It’s got stuff in it.  That covered all our needs. 🙂

Was your wedsite a long and involved process, or did you whip it up in a hurry?

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Hope It’s Not Too Late!

To ask you to Save the Date!

We finally sent out our Save the Dates!  This morning! 🙂  I would give a big “PHEW,” but there are actually a couple more addresses we need to track down.  Oh, how I wish I could cross this off my To-Do list.  It’s been on there forrrever.

We wanted to include a short poem to tell people, “Hey, I’m a magnet.  Don’t throw me away!”  We settled on simple, straightforward rhyme.  Here’s what they’ll see when they open the envelope:

And when they start to take out the magnet:

The poem is on a strip of paper folded in half over the magnet.  I wanted to use as little paper for it as possible without it getting lost in the envelope.  The entire contents:

And since we just couldn’t resist, we sent our favorite poem to our younger friends and relatives:

Yippee!  These are definitely late according to any wedding timeline we’ve seen, but I’m glad we still got to send them.  Did you complete any projects way past the supposed “due date’?

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