His Ring!

Over the weekend, Adam received a big box in the mail. I get overly excited about mail, so I bounced in circles around him, asking him what was inside. And GUESS WHAT HE SAID!

“Probably my wedding ring.”

Oh my-eeeeeeeeee!!!

I cheered him on as he opened the big box. Then there was another box. And then a plastic package! Oh, the suspense!

It was taking way too long. Here’s a steak knife to help, Bun!

By the time we got to the little white box, he was doubled over in laughter. I was dancing and singing about rings and boxes at some point. I couldn’t contain my excitement!

Finally! A glimpse of the actual ring box! And…..Ta daaaaa:

Amazing. It’s amazing! Why is this simple little ring so amazing?

  1. It’s shiny! Oooh~
  2. He’s going to be wearing this from April until…forever! (heehee, you’d think I was writing this post to scare him.)
  3. Whenever we looked at men’s rings, he gave me his “I’m not feeling this” look. This is the ring that changed his mind about rings—it looked awesome on his hand!
  4. It’s symbolic of his commitment. I am beyond sentimental, and just looking at the ring already makes me teary-eyed.
  5. It’s also a mark of his heritage, because he’ll be wearing it on his right hand! The way all Serbs wear it—so says his Tata. 🙂

I don’t know a girl who wasn’t excited about her own ring. Were you excited about his?


December 16, 2009. Jewelry.

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