Fluffy Snow, Fuzzy Boots

So remember my habit of falling in love with very specific items that I can never actually obtain? Well, I realized that Adam totally doesn’t understand the “never actually obtain” part…because he just gave me an early Christmas present:

MmmMMmMMmmm…now that’s what I call bootilicious!

I spotted these boots in a UK bridal magazine a few months ago.  Like all of my object-crushes, I was resigned to loving them from afar.  To avoid heartbreak and an empty wallet, I told myself that they weren’t sold in the US, and that they were way beyond my budget.  Of course, that didn’t keep me from telling Adam about every conceivable situation which may require white boots.

One of the possibilities looked exactly like this.  Except that would be me in the marvelous dress and boots, and Adam would be in there wearing a dapper suit. 🙂

And then I thought, we could do this for our second engagement session!  A *wintry* engagement session.  You see, we had an awesome e-shoot with hannahelaine photography way back in March.  Months later, we signed with our wedding photographer, and our package included another e-session.  Instead of letting these go to waste, I’ve kept my eyes open for fun, crazy ideas for our second photo-op.

Glam, enchanted snowscape sounds pretty fun to me!

Source for all photos

Just imagine:  Him and me.  In a snowy forest.  Hanging out.  Dressed to the nines…plus boots!

Oh, and after our e-shoot and all my winter snow-stomping, I can totally re-wear these for the wedding, right?  They’re white.  And fancy-ish.  And you never know when it might rain in April… 😛

Was there an accessory or prop you were excited to use in your engagement photos?


December 21, 2009. Uncategorized.

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    […] chat about our post-wedding photo shoot!  You may recall that we planned to take engagement photos this past winter, but time was not on our sides.  Our amazing wedding photographer, Brittany, liked the idea of […]

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