101 Days to Go!

Hello, all!  I hope everyone had a beautiful, joyous holiday season!  I’ve spent the last few weeks playing in sunny Florida.  Our family of ten slept in three bedrooms, strolled on the beach on Christmas, and road-tripped to Disney World on New Years!  I’ve spent any free time playing with my puppy Luxi and reading the stack of books I picked up from the library.  Weddings?  Vendors?  Important things I have to do in reality?  Meh, phoo, and lolli-loo.  It feels like that life was ages ago!

That is, until this morning, when I found the How Long Until Calculator.  I punched in our wedding date, and out came the result:  We have 101 days till we’re newlyweds!

Part of me thinks, “Hurry up already!  I’m ready to get married and move on with my life!”

But my Eeyore-like split personality thinks, “Um.  I probably should’ve gotten on that MASSIVE to-do list a few hundred days ago.  I might need more time.”

So I sent my love, who flew back to Chicago early, our 70-bullet-points-and-growing To Do list.  It actually doesn’t seem so scary, as I broke it down into palatable categories like Hannah’s DIY Projects, Things to Purchase, and Decisions.  We could cross something off our Decisions list right now by deciding whether or not to place Out of Town bags in each guest’s hotel room.  But if we did, then we’d have to put something else on my DIY Projects/Things to Purchase lists.  This To Do stuff is complicated.

But you know what?  It can wait.  I still have 101 days, and that may not be a lot, but it’s enough to spare some time for doggie-petting and baby-cuddling.  Reality can resume once my feet touch Chicagoan ground.  For now, I’ll just enjoy my last few moments in Florida with my family!  Have a great week, everyone!


January 6, 2010. Uncategorized.

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