I always figured I’d spend the least amount of time on the RSVP part of our invitation suite.  After all, people will only have it in their possession for a short period of time.  Perhaps the invitation will be tucked in a special drawer (or lovingly framed on the wall?) and the Save the Date magnet will stay on the fridge.  But the RSVP?  It’s temporary.  Forgettable.  A glance, and it’s gone.

But then I saw these beauties!  Multiple events on one card?  Artful designs and fancy dancy letterpress?  While writing their names, our guests couldn’t help but touch the deep, flourishing imprints.  The cards would come back to us—fingerprinted, slightly worn, and perhaps marked with a smidgen of drool.  Oh, the power of stationery.



But wait, there was more to discover in the world of RSVPs!  I quickly moved onto equally gorgeous postcards.  All of the beauty, none of the postage.  That’s not true, but it sounded better than “All of the beauty, 63.6% of the postage.”



Yes!  I made a decision!  Beautiful, calligraphed, letterpressed postcards.  Of course, if those end up being way out of my budget, I’ll just send everyone a blank piece of paper to write on.  And maybe one or two will come back looking as awesome as this:


Cutey cute cute!  Are you doing something special for your RSVPs?


January 11, 2010. Uncategorized.

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