A Dress for Each Lady

My bridesmaids and I started our dress-search with some dreamy ideas about floor-length, flattering, altogether fabulous gowns. We went to a shop and tried on three hours’ worth of dresses.  We pondered our choices for weeks, and I started to feel like we’d never come to a final decision.  Just as time was running out, we made a last-minute trip to my bridal shop.  We started another round of dress-up (and pass-the-dress), and much to our relief, everyone found The One for them!  Which means I can finally show you The Look for my bridesmaids!

The Dresses: I wanted the girls to choose dresses they liked, within the “pink and floor-length” parameters. We ended up with four different styles in five shades of pink.  I can totally see each lady’s personality in her dress—my BFFs loved the same strapless ruched dress, but my more outgoing bud chose a brighter hue, while my strawberry-blond bud tried on a million pink dresses before we found a shade that looked perfect against her skin tone and hair.  My always-elegant SIL chose the goddess-like, one-shoulder gown in the middle.  My future SIL is the youngest, and her dress actually looks the most innocent and sweet.  The last dress is sassy and bright, exactly what Adam’s tomboyish SIL wanted for a night of dress-up!  All of the colors look different in person, but this gives you a general idea:

Fourth dress; All other dresses

The Shoes: Early on, a few of the girls suggested silver shoes, which sounded good to me. There are tons of options in stores, online, and hopefully in their own closets! I put together some cute examples for a visual:


The Hair and Makeup: While chatting with my bridesmaids today, I realized that no one in my bridal party knows the first thing about styling hair or applying makeup. I’ll attribute that to low maintenance and natural beauty. 🙂 We might enlist the help of a friendor for our updos and formal-but-fresh makeup looks.

The Accessories: You all know I’m not much of a jewelry person, so I have no requests in this area. If they already own something they want to wear, they’re welcome to wear it. And if they want to use this as an excuse to buy some new baubles, they can feel free!

The Look:  Fancy.  Feminine. And a little saucy, thanks to the heels!

How would you describe The Look for your bridesmaids?


January 19, 2010. Bridesmaids, Dresses.

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