The Parfait ‘Maids

“If you were a parfait, what flavor would you (predominantly) be?” I asked my bridesmaids in an email.  Their responses ranged from delicious to ridiculous, and from them, I chose their anonymous bloggy names. 🙂  So now, I am honored to introduce you to my five beautiful bridesmaids!

Pi Pie Parfait is my maid of honor.  If you’re a High School Musical fan (there ain’t no shame!), you know that the Wildcat boys gave the girls a cake right before their Academic Decathlon.  And on the cake was…the Pi symbol!  They called it a Pi Pie, although it was clearly a cake.  She’s a self-proclaimed math nerd, so her moniker is perfect for her!  We’ve been BFFs since high school, roomies all four years of college, and the closest thing to sisters that two girls without sisters could ever have.

Pumpkin Parfait is my other BFF!  We’ve been friends since fifth grade, so she’s been an important part of all the important parts of my life.  She’s the artistic one, while I have two left hands (that needs to be a real phrase); and she’s adventurous, while I’m a little more ‘fraidy cat.  It’s a good balance—who else could convince me that a thunderstorm is the perfect time for a leisurely stroll?  Here she is in a Pi Pie Parfait and Miss Parfait sandwich:

Sunshine Parfait is my sis-in-law (my brother’s wife).  We know, it’s not a flavor, but it’s so fitting for her “I Love Sunshine” personality!  We live together, as she and my brother took me into their home when I finished school.  Probably the last thing a young married couple needs is a long-term house guest, but she’s been so gracious and sweet.  Here she is in sunny Florida with her son, my one and only nephew.  He picked that baby grapefruit right off our neighbor’s tree—with permission, of course!

Papaya Parfait is Mr. P’s little sis.  She loves animals, is super smart, and has the most contagious laugh—what’s not to love? She is too cute for words, so I’ll just stop talking. 🙂

Snickerdoodle Parfait is Mr. P’s sister-in-law (his brother’s wife).  We’ve bonded quickly over our love for good deals, great food, and our awesome last names (well, my soon-to-be last name!).  She wore a cottontail at her wedding to celebrate her new last name, and I’m tempted to do the same. 🙂  I really wish I had a better pic of us, but this blurry one is the best I have:

I wanted to choose bridesmaids who would still be in my life when I’m old and gray.  My SIL and future SILs definitely fit that description, and I wanted to start our lifelong relationships on a positive note by inviting them into my bridal party.  My two dear friends have stayed close to me even when we’ve lived on different sides of the country—this is the first year since high school that we’ve all lived in the same state!  I’m thankful I can say that wherever these five girls are, we’ll always be a part of each others lives.

How did you choose your bridesmaids?


January 20, 2010. Bridesmaids.

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