Sneak Peek

A sneaky peek at our invitations!  It’s just a little one.  Don’t get too excited!

Mmmmm, swirls and dots and stuff…

As you can see, our entire invitation suite will be pink.  I love it, and it’s cost-effective to have only one color, since we opted for letterpress (squeeeee!).  However, our other colors are grievously absent.  I posted this inspiration board before, but just as a reminder, our complete palette includes bright yellow, pink, and orange:


Spring-y, cheerful, and fun!  I’d like to showcase all three colors in our invitations to give guests a better sneak peek of what’s to come.  I’ve thought of a few ways to add sunny spots of yellow and orange:

  1. Yellow or orange envelopes
  2. White envelopes with bright paper liners
  3. Ribbon tied around invitation suite
  4. Paper belly band
  5. Fabric  pocket for invitation suite

I’m losing steam with all the invitation decision-making.  I hope you can help me out!  I’m going for maximum impact on minimal moneyz.  Which option should I use to brighten up our invitations?


January 21, 2010. Letterpress, Stationery.

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