Sunny, Beachy, Pretty

The perfect words to describe our honeymoon.  Post-wedding, we will be in Hawaii for 12 sunny, beachy, pretty days!  My future in-laws, who also honeymooned in Hawaii, did a great job of convincing us to go.  Here was their reasoning:

  1. “It’s the perfect excuse to go!  And you may never have another excuse.”
  2. “Don’t you want to relax after all the wedding excitement?”
  3. “We wanted to stay there.  To live forever.  We’re serious.”

As if I needed convincing—any vacation with water, sun, and sand works for me!

Adam and I decided to spend half of our time in Maui and half in Oahu, to get a taste of more than one island.  I chose a low-key, cost-effective resort for our days in Maui and left Oahu up to Adam.

Before you think I am the most self-controlled honeymoon-planner ever, please know that this was a strategic move in my “Yes to Turtle Bay!” campaign.  I first heard of Turtle Bay Resort in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which made it stand out from the other, unfamiliar resorts in all the Hawaii books and catalogs.  The more I read about it, the more my budgetary defenses melted away, and the more I slipped the words “turtle” and “bay” into daily conversations (subliminal messages may not have worked for Zack Morris, but I figured it was worth a shot!).

When decision time came, I knew my campaign had worked.  Adam chose the perfect place to bask in our newlywed bliss:

A snippet from their website:

Set on 880 oceanfront acres on the legendary North Shore, Turtle Bay Resort is the only true full-service luxury resort on the breathtaking island of Oahu. Its natural, unspoiled beauty can be found at every turn. Find yourself surrounded by the history, culture and majesty of the island. Five miles of pristine beaches and 12 miles of ocean trails await you.

As for the living space?  We’re spending the last days of our vacation in a breezy, beautiful beachfront cottage:

Source for all photos

So there you have it—the piece of Earth I’ll be dreaming about for the next three months.  I can’t wait to share about our adventures in relaxing when (if?) we come back! 🙂

How did you decide where to go for your honeymoon?  Did you or your SO have to campaign for your dream location?


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