Sunday Bunday!

Speaking of gift registries, I was walking around Macy’s looking for dinnerware to add to ours.  I studied one plain, white collection after another, and then something cutesy and colorful caught my eye:

Don’t you worry—this isn’t the collection I picked!  I just appreciate their tribute to the cotton-tailed kind.  Look at that adorable bunny creamer!  And this sweet bunny sugar bowl:

Source for both photos

I dunno about that rooster, though.  I just can’t see what he’s so surprised about.  And what’s with the creepy cat?  “Don’t mind me, human.  I’m just watching you bake.  Yeeeeessss, mooooore sugarrrrrr.”  *Taps toes mischievously along rim of bowl*

I dig the country bunnies, though—mostly because they’re the only bunnies I’ve seen in the dinnerware section.  If Lenox comes out with sleek, contemporary bunnies in the next few weeks, you know they’ll be on my wishlist!  Happy Sunday Bunday, and have a fantastic week!


January 31, 2010. Bunnies.

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