Sunday Bunday!

Imagine one of these:


Filled with these:


Adam and I saw a stand of Peeps Bunnies at Jewel and thought, “Voila!  Instant favors!”  They come in pink, orange, and yellow—how perfect is that?  We still haven’t chosen from our ridiculous list of favor ideas, but we’ll be adding one more item to the list tonight.

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I Look Tough Now!

This past Sunday, Adam and I were shopping for some home supplies. Pans, cutting boards, trash cans…the stuff we didn’t realize we needed until we started living in a place without it.

And that’s when tragedy struck!

Just teasing, I’m really not that dramatic.  Something fell off a high shelf and landed on my face.  That’s all.  I thought I could stick a bandage on it and go on my merry way, until I started blacking out.  One ambulance, ten freak-outs about needles, and two hours in the ER later, Adam and I went on our merry way.  Wanna see my new look?

Tada.  My new face laceration in all of its all-up-in-my-face glory.
Oh, you can’t quite see it?

It’s that purple/red/pink thing disguising itself as the rest of my eyebrow.
Sorry for the cell phone pix—my real camera is pooping out on me.

It’s covered in skin glue, which conceals the jagged red lines and makes it look more like one long blob of pain.  [Pardon the one-sided smirks.  It hurts my eyebrow area to look happy, confused, curious, angry, etc.  The smirk is all about the lips and cheeks, so I could do that all day!]

Adam wouldn’t let me take pictures of the staples in his head, but we’ll always know that for just a short few days, we both had cuts in our heads.  We looked like a match made in accident-prone heaven. 🙂

I had to postpone our test shoot with our wedding videographer out of vanity (ugh, I can’t help it), but I think I may try on my wedding dress this weekend!  If it looks good with the slash on my face, it’ll probably look AWESOME without! 🙂  Hope everyone else is staying safe and healthy!  And remember, just say no to home supplies!  (Kidding!  But you should say no to needles.  Those things are freaky.)

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Moving Week!

It’s finally here!  Moving week!  “Moving?!” you ask?

Yes!  I posted here about falling in love with a place on our first day of apartment-hunting.  It’s actually a condo, which doesn’t make a difference to me, but I suppose I should call it what it is.  Adam made an offer; they accepted; he signed the papers; we started packing.  It was a two-week process from choosing the place to moving in.  It’s been a whirlwind, and it’s not over yet!

Wanna see our new place?  This is one of my favorite parts:

Moving was an adventure.  Adam has five staples in his head to prove it, which really calls for an in-person story-telling.  He’s doing well and recovering like a hero; I’m an emotional mess every time I see the staples.

90% of our stuff is in our new condo, including my laptop, but we’re still at our respective homes.  Posting will be light during the move and until I’m reunited with my computer. 🙂

Hope everyone had a happy Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents’ Day!

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Happy Wedding/Anniversary/Christening/Birthday!

When your wedding date falls on someone else’s birthday or anniversary, there are a few ways you can react:

  1. Pretend like you don’t know.  Feign surprise when people toast to them at your wedding.
  2. Ask them to celebrate it on a different day.  Feign surprise when people don’t toast to them at your wedding.
  3. Plan a sweet and sneaky surprise like this couple:

Source for both photos

We don’t have any special occasions on our exact wedding date, but we do during the week before and after.  We’ve chosen to celebrate them at our wedding, because we stink at feigning surprise.  And because we love these people!

When we first chose our wedding date, I realized how close it was to my brother and sis-in-law’s wedding date!  It will be their third anniversary, and I’ve been planning a little surprise for them since I started planning our wedding.  I’m motivated by love and a little twinge of guilt.  You see, I was born on my brother’s second birthday, which means he never got a birthday to himself.  And now, I’m nearly taking his wedding anniversary!  He just can’t get a special day to himself.  I want to honor their anniversary at our wedding to thank him for sharing all his celebrations with me so graciously.

When we told my mom our wedding date, she suggested we have my nephew and niece’s christening the following day.  Our extended family will be in town, which never happens anymore, and it’ll give people another reason to celebrate!  Adam and I loved the idea.  Unfortunately, the church wasn’t available that day.  It was worth a shot—it would’ve made for an awesome weekend!

When we told Adam’s mom our wedding date, she asked if she could bring a birthday cake for Adam’s little sis, who is turning 21 the week before our wedding.  Of course, we encouraged her to do so!  I’d love to present the cake, like the couple pictured above.

Are you celebrating someone else’s special day during your wedding or wedding weekend?

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The Select Few

I tried to narrow down my floral inspiration pix.  Really, I did!  It’s just that…I have so many.  And they’re all so beautiful.

My auntie called yesterday to schedule an appointment to talk about my wedding flowers, and she asked me to bring some pictures.  I wonder how many qualifies as “some”…cuz there’s a lot more where these came from!  I’ve narrowed it down to the following photos.

For my bouquet, I would love a giant, yummy-smelling fluffball.  Key word being fluffball.

We could add light hints of our wedding colors—pink, orange, and yellow:

Or stick with what I know best—pink pink pink!  (Isn’t Mrs. Daffodil so beautiful?)

Onto the bridesmaids’ bouquets!  The ones below have just the right pinkness, softness, and roundness; but they look so heavy!  We might go a tad smaller.  I don’t want anyone’s arms falling off during the ceremony.

You can see all the creamy, petal-y gorgeousness in this close up.  We wouldn’t have purple anemones in ours.

What about my dashing groom?  A mini calla lily on its own looks classic and dignified—not too flowery or fluffy.  I’ll have to okay this with Adam, but I think it’d be the perfect accent on the men’s tuxes.

A cheery, vibrant arrangement could welcome guests when they enter the reception venue.  If we have two of these, they could work double-time as altar arrangements!

The centerpieces will be bright and homey.

If the ones above are too pricey, I’ll ask her what she thinks of this “loose” arrangement.

Unwrapped, this bouquet would be my perfect centerpiece.  All our colors are represented in a mix of fun and luxurious florals:

For the cocktail hour, we’ll place some simple pieces on the high tables and on the bar.

And finally, here is my cake inspiration that I posted about long ago.  It’s just perfection.

Picture Sources:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

15?!  This might be too much.  I want to give my auntie a complete idea of what I like, but I don’t want to overwhelm her.  When it comes to sharing your ideas with vendors, how do you find the line between helpful and overwhelming?

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A Different Kind of Dessert Table

I have special plans for our dessert table.  Like most, it will be filled with yummy treats in bright colors and cute, bite-sized morsels.  Unlike most, it will include goodies like this sweet, pillowy, candy-colored delight.  Can you guess what it is?


Mmmmm, Korean rice cake~  The main event of all my childhood birthdays.  Soft, sweet, and smells like heaven.  Did you guess correctly? 🙂


These are not your average supermarket rice cakes.  These are steamed rice cakes (or dduk or tteok) that can be flavored, filled, and colored to your heart’s desire.  My family eats a plain, savory kind in our New Years soup, and our church always had a huge spread of sweet dduk for special occasions.  They’re a natural part of our celebrations!  My plan is to have a spread of rice cakes with different fillings, flavors, shapes, and colors.  I’ll show you a few examples.


Above:  Dduk in individual cups.  Below:  How do people make these shapes?


These next ones are a family favorite.  These dumpling-like balls are usually filled with mung bean and red bean pastes. My uncle and I love the ones filled with sugar, sesame oil, and sesame seeds.  Sounds weird, but tastes incredible!


A variety of flavors to pop in your mouth.  (One at a time, people!  Those “How Many Can You Fit in Your Mouth” contests always end in coughing fits.)


And hopefully when everyone fills their plate, they’ll return to their tables with something as lovely as this:


Okay, it probably won’t be quite so lovely, but it’ll be hecka yummy!  I’m trying to contain my excitement, since we still need our venue’s approval to bring these in.  If everything works out, this will be a fun surprise for my side of the family and give Adam’s side a taste of our culture.

Are you including any of your favorite foods at your wedding?

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