A Different Kind of Dessert Table

I have special plans for our dessert table.  Like most, it will be filled with yummy treats in bright colors and cute, bite-sized morsels.  Unlike most, it will include goodies like this sweet, pillowy, candy-colored delight.  Can you guess what it is?


Mmmmm, Korean rice cake~  The main event of all my childhood birthdays.  Soft, sweet, and smells like heaven.  Did you guess correctly? 🙂


These are not your average supermarket rice cakes.  These are steamed rice cakes (or dduk or tteok) that can be flavored, filled, and colored to your heart’s desire.  My family eats a plain, savory kind in our New Years soup, and our church always had a huge spread of sweet dduk for special occasions.  They’re a natural part of our celebrations!  My plan is to have a spread of rice cakes with different fillings, flavors, shapes, and colors.  I’ll show you a few examples.


Above:  Dduk in individual cups.  Below:  How do people make these shapes?


These next ones are a family favorite.  These dumpling-like balls are usually filled with mung bean and red bean pastes. My uncle and I love the ones filled with sugar, sesame oil, and sesame seeds.  Sounds weird, but tastes incredible!


A variety of flavors to pop in your mouth.  (One at a time, people!  Those “How Many Can You Fit in Your Mouth” contests always end in coughing fits.)


And hopefully when everyone fills their plate, they’ll return to their tables with something as lovely as this:


Okay, it probably won’t be quite so lovely, but it’ll be hecka yummy!  I’m trying to contain my excitement, since we still need our venue’s approval to bring these in.  If everything works out, this will be a fun surprise for my side of the family and give Adam’s side a taste of our culture.

Are you including any of your favorite foods at your wedding?


February 3, 2010. Foodies, Sweets.

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