Happy Wedding/Anniversary/Christening/Birthday!

When your wedding date falls on someone else’s birthday or anniversary, there are a few ways you can react:

  1. Pretend like you don’t know.  Feign surprise when people toast to them at your wedding.
  2. Ask them to celebrate it on a different day.  Feign surprise when people don’t toast to them at your wedding.
  3. Plan a sweet and sneaky surprise like this couple:

Source for both photos

We don’t have any special occasions on our exact wedding date, but we do during the week before and after.  We’ve chosen to celebrate them at our wedding, because we stink at feigning surprise.  And because we love these people!

When we first chose our wedding date, I realized how close it was to my brother and sis-in-law’s wedding date!  It will be their third anniversary, and I’ve been planning a little surprise for them since I started planning our wedding.  I’m motivated by love and a little twinge of guilt.  You see, I was born on my brother’s second birthday, which means he never got a birthday to himself.  And now, I’m nearly taking his wedding anniversary!  He just can’t get a special day to himself.  I want to honor their anniversary at our wedding to thank him for sharing all his celebrations with me so graciously.

When we told my mom our wedding date, she suggested we have my nephew and niece’s christening the following day.  Our extended family will be in town, which never happens anymore, and it’ll give people another reason to celebrate!  Adam and I loved the idea.  Unfortunately, the church wasn’t available that day.  It was worth a shot—it would’ve made for an awesome weekend!

When we told Adam’s mom our wedding date, she asked if she could bring a birthday cake for Adam’s little sis, who is turning 21 the week before our wedding.  Of course, we encouraged her to do so!  I’d love to present the cake, like the couple pictured above.

Are you celebrating someone else’s special day during your wedding or wedding weekend?


February 10, 2010. Foodies, Sweets.

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