I Look Tough Now!

This past Sunday, Adam and I were shopping for some home supplies. Pans, cutting boards, trash cans…the stuff we didn’t realize we needed until we started living in a place without it.

And that’s when tragedy struck!

Just teasing, I’m really not that dramatic.  Something fell off a high shelf and landed on my face.  That’s all.  I thought I could stick a bandage on it and go on my merry way, until I started blacking out.  One ambulance, ten freak-outs about needles, and two hours in the ER later, Adam and I went on our merry way.  Wanna see my new look?

Tada.  My new face laceration in all of its all-up-in-my-face glory.
Oh, you can’t quite see it?

It’s that purple/red/pink thing disguising itself as the rest of my eyebrow.
Sorry for the cell phone pix—my real camera is pooping out on me.

It’s covered in skin glue, which conceals the jagged red lines and makes it look more like one long blob of pain.  [Pardon the one-sided smirks.  It hurts my eyebrow area to look happy, confused, curious, angry, etc.  The smirk is all about the lips and cheeks, so I could do that all day!]

Adam wouldn’t let me take pictures of the staples in his head, but we’ll always know that for just a short few days, we both had cuts in our heads.  We looked like a match made in accident-prone heaven. 🙂

I had to postpone our test shoot with our wedding videographer out of vanity (ugh, I can’t help it), but I think I may try on my wedding dress this weekend!  If it looks good with the slash on my face, it’ll probably look AWESOME without! 🙂  Hope everyone else is staying safe and healthy!  And remember, just say no to home supplies!  (Kidding!  But you should say no to needles.  Those things are freaky.)


February 25, 2010. Uncategorized.

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