Our Story

When I first saw the idea of a relationship timeline, I knew I wanted to do something similar.  But where would the timeline go?  Our invitations would already be stuffed full, and while cute, it wouldn’t add any information about our event.

While working on our wedding website, I thought we should put a little “About Us” section for friends and family who haven’t seen us in a while.  I added some doodles and before I knew it, we had our very own relationship timeline on our wedding website!

Source for all of the adorable doodles.

What events would you put on your timeline?

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Reckless Shoe Hunting

I am so impressed by your words of wisdom and touched by your good wishes regarding my shoe post yesterday.  This morning, I had my second dress fitting.  It was my second fitting without shoes, and I know I’m making it hard on the sweet lady who’s altering my dress.  She’s still waiting to see what shoes I pick before she hems the front and creates the bustle.

Motivated by her generous patience (and from writing that shoe post), I went on a shoe shopping spree.  I ignored all boundaries concerning price, heel height, and style.  If I saw a pink shoe in my size, I bought it.  I came home with three rosy pairs:

All photos by yours truly

After writing about shoes yesterday, I realized how much the exact shade of pink mattered to me.  I splurged on these flats, about $40, because they had that bright candy pink color I’ve been admiring.  I also love the shape, but sadly, they’re half a size too big.  After checking two other stores for my size (5.5 or 6, if you’re near a TJ Maxx :)), I took them home and tried stuffing the front.  The sides were still too wide, and once the words “thick wedding socks” drifted into my head, I slid those oversized flats right off my feet.

These heels held my gaze as I walked toward the shoe section at Nordstrom Rack.  When I reached them, I couldn’t believe what I saw—Kate Spades in candy pink!  In my size!  On sale for $110!  But wait, what’s that little red sticker?  An additional 35% off?  That’s still a lot of dough, but compared to the pricing I’ve seen online for Kate Spades, I could handle $71!  The only negative is the ratio of shoe-to-foot when I’m wearing it.  The skimpy bands bare a lot of my flesh, and I don’t find feet especially bare-worthy.  If it provided more coverage along the sides, this would be my winner for sure.

I found this sweet pair at Nordstrom Rack, too.  They were a perfect fit at the perfect price (seventeen dollars, say wha?!), but the downside is pretty obvious.  I want a blast of color on my feet, and these are barely a puff of pink.  But I can’t deny how pretty they are…

Ideally, I’d like to choose one pair to be my wedding shoes and return the other two pairs.  It’ll be hard to say goodbye, but who am I to keep five pairs of pink potential-wedding-shoes in my closet?  I’m hanging out with my bridesmaids tonight, and I’m definitely bringing these three pairs to get their opinions.  In the meantime, what are your thoughts?  Do you have a favorite, or did the downsides kick them all out of the running?

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Oh, Shoe-y

My search for wedding shoes started when I saw this photo on a magazine cover:


I loved everything about this look—the simple veil, the puffy skirt, the sparkly cuff, the pink bouquet.  But today, I’m only talking about the shoes.  Let’s zoom in on those kickers, shall we?

When we started wedding planning, these shoes were the only concrete detail I had in mind.  I wanted a bright pop of pink to peek out from under my dress with every step.  I wanted cutesy photos of our shoes side by side.  I wanted to play the Shoe Game, just so we could show off my hot pink heels.

Fast forward to two years later.  It’s less than a month before the wedding, and my perfect pink heels are nowhere to be found.  The originals in the photo are too high for my wobbly self, so I’ve had my eye on a few shorter options:


I love the shade of pink above, but I’ve never spent even close to $300 on shoes.


The puff is too cute!  But again, I face the hurdle of the several hundred dollar price tag.


These flats look so comfortable, and at $65, they’re much more affordable.  But really, I couldn’t spend that much on flats.  Sigh!  You’d think my thrifty ways would keep all prospects at bay.

But nay!  Since my search began, I’ve actually purchased and kept two pairs of pink shoes.


I found the bejeweled pair above on sale for $9.97 at Ann Taylor.  The Ninas below were on clearance for $12 at Carson Pirie Scott.  Now that’s more my price range! 😛  I’ve worn them both for dress-up events, but they’re a little too dark to serve as my wedding shoes.  They’re more deep raspberry than bright candy pink.


So with less than four weeks till the big day, I come to you, readers!  I’m open to any advice.  Should I wear one of the pink pairs I already own?  Should I shell out $300+ for the exact color I want?  Or do you know where I can find the perfect pink heels for, oh, say $15 max?  Okay okay, $50 max? 🙂

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Sunday Bunday!

I went to my second bridal shower yesterday, hosted by Adam’s side of the family!  We received a lot of bunny goodies: bunny cookie cutters, bunny spatulas, bunny dish towels, etc.  I realized that our showers are falling at the perfect time—right before Easter, AKA bunny mania!  All the paraphernalia led me to wonder how real bunnies feel about their pretend counterparts.


I’m not sure if that’s a kiss or a chomp on the sniffer, but it’s pretty darn cute either way.

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Laughing in the Shower

Last Saturday, I attended the most beautiful, delectable, joyful shower ever!  It was so much fun, and to my amazement, it was all for me!  My mom’s dear friend (Auntie J) and my bridesmaids planned every perfectly pink detail.

When I walked in, my SIL greeted me with a smile and placed a flower in my hair.  She did this for everyone who entered and collected recipe cards in a box for me to take home.  You can see all the hair flowers below!

The girls ushered me into the kitchen to see the display of mini cheesecakes, cream puffs, cookies, and chocolate-covered strawberries.  Auntie J placed a gorgeous corsage on my wrist.  I loved it!

Each treat had something to do with my life experiences.  I fell in love with black and white cookies when I lived in NYC, so my dear friend made pink and white cookies.  They were amazingly soft and were gone in a flash!  My BFF and I worked at TCBY together for years, so she placed a common froyo topping on the table—M&Ms, all pink and white, of course.

There was a table of sweets, a table of savories, and plenty of tasty drinks to wash them down.  I could eat berries all day, so this punch was straight out of my dreams.  See the pink ribbons on the paper cups?  These girls thought of everything!

We played three games, and all of them had us laughing for hours!  The best was Bridal Bingo.  The rules were simple:

  1. Fill out a blank Bingo card by writing a common shower gift in each box.
  2. If the bride opens a present that you wrote down, mark it on your card.
  3. The first person to mark five in a row (Bingo!) will receive a prize.

I was hanging out by the food while everyone filled out their cards and, apparently, cheated with abandon!  (See photo below for evidence.)  After a few gifts, everyone was laughing hysterically and shouting BINGO at the same time.  I can’t blame them for cheating—check out the adorable prizes!  Cookie mix in flower-topped containers.

I wish we had a photo with everyone who attended.  Here’s a pic with everyone who stuck around to help clean and take the next set of ridiculous pictures.

Soooo, let me explain.  Long before shower planning even started, my BFF and I talked about how much we love Disney movies and how fun a Disney princess-themed event would be.  We’d never subject our mothers and other normal adults to such a kiddie theme, but my BFF convinced the other bridesmaids to dress as Disney princesses for the shower!  It wasn’t the theme of the shower; we just enjoy dressing up. 🙂

We took photos to illustrate each girl’s character.  Can you guess which princesses we were representing?

I’m so touched and humbled by how much thought went into planning the shower.  It was beautiful, and it was a barrel of laughs that I’ll never forget.  Thank you, friends and sisters!  Love!

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Invitations: The Variety Show

As I mentioned before, I had trouble deciding how to package our invitations.  You’ll see in this post that each suite had a different belly band, and I used a variety of envelope colors. Ridiculous?  Um yeah.  But our invites looked so pretty bundled in silver and white; and so cheerful and spring-y in yellow and pink.  It was like wrapping presents (I love wrapping presents!), and I had fun making each set a little different.

Now onto the eye-candy!

The hard part of the process was choosing the envelopes for each type of bellyband—I still wanted them to match!

No wait, the hardest part was choosing the recipient for each design.  I mulled over what to send my parents and friends for an embarrassingly long time.  Fun, loop-y bows went to households with girly girls, for example.

Clean, sleek-looking sets mostly went to male relatives and friends.

I loved all the shimmering elements in the set above: silver vellum (who knew there was such a thing?), my favorite feather-y paper, twinkly ribbon, and a silver envelope!

I had most of the materials I needed from previous projects (namely Save the Dates), but I had to purchase extra ribbon and Zots specifically for this project.  Here’s a quick rundown of the materials I used along with brief reviews:

I would totally recommend the each-one-is-a-unique-snowflake route for other indecisive brides!  It totally satisfied my cravings for sophisticated invites and fresh, spring-y invites.  I also loved not sticking with a formula—I was totally winging it the whole time.  Having a system for assembling them one particular way may have sped things up, but not by much.  I was in a time-crunch already, so I was wrapping them up and sliding them into envelopes as fast as possible!

Did you choose to have any variety in your wedding paperie?

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Sunday Bunday!

Since moving into our new place, the topic of pets has come up almost daily.  It doesn’t help that we live a few blocks from The Anti-Cruelty Society, an animal shelter with cute puppies and grown-up dogs just waiting to be adopted.  But a dog isn’t so travel-friendly, and lately we’ve been a couple on the go.  Perhaps this would be a more portable alternative:


Tuck one into your extra pair of shoes, and you’re ready to jet set with your pet!  Happy Sunday, everyone! 🙂

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Invitations: The Big Reveal!

Our invitations make me smile for three main reasons:

  1. They have bunnies on them.
  2. They are pink and white, my two favorite colors!
  3. Other people made them.  And they made them awesome!

I did not have to lift a finger to work on these until I received them in the mail—designed, printed, and cut to perfection.  Here’s what arrived at my doorstep!  The main invitation, all dotted and swirled:

I asked for a variety of thick and thin swirls but never would’ve imagined them looking (and feeling!) this amazing.

Above photos by The Aerialist Press

The map and reception card—combined, because I was totally baffled by the idea of a separate reception card.  I loved the pin dot border and small circles of information in the bottom left and top right corners.  The letterpress made the circles look like puffy little pillows!

The RSVP card, which was meant to be a postcard.  Adam thought they would be more secure in their own envelopes, so I upgraded our stamps and bought some bite-sized envelopes for the little cuties:

Here is one cheerful combination.  Please pardon the lack of tables in our home!

And a version with a silver envelope:

And that’s it!  I love every bit of ’em and can’t take any credit for ’em.  Alexandra from The Aerialist Press was extremely professional, sweet, and timely; and I am continually amazed at Julie’s artistic talent.  I told her she should open an Etsy shop—if you’re with me, leave a comment below!  I’ll pass along any comments to her. 🙂

Were you happy with how your invitations turned out?

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Invitations: The Beginning

Hello, all!  Sorry for being ridiculously MIA lately.  After our spontaneous move and all of the resulting craziness, Adam’s work treated us to a much-needed vacation!  We spent a week under the sun in Costa Rica and just flew in last night.  When we walked into our condo, we suddenly remembered all that we had left behind.  Namely, this:

The week before we left was extremely stressful and sprinkled with a few all-nighters.  Our goal was to finish our invitations before we flew off, and it seemed like the closer we got to the finish line, the more obstacles appeared.  To be honest, we really had the easy part—my cousin Julie designed every piece, Aerialist Press printed them, and our families finalized the guest list.  So what kept us up till the wee hours every night?

Rounding the corners, cutting the bellybands, and tying the ribbons…for starters.  Here are a few pieces laid out to let the craft glue dry.  You’ll see that every bellyband is slightly different.  I would’ve liked them to be uniform, but I’m so indecisive that I tried out something new for each one…until I had done 200 different bands.

You’d probably rather see the front.  Here’s my favorite paper of the ones we used for the bellybands.  It’s called Obonai White Feather and was just transparent enough to see some color through it.

We bought the envelopes separately, so there was plenty of stamp-affixing, labeling, and sealing; not to mention handwriting.  Oh, the handwriting!  We were out of time for a calligrapher and couldn’t find the cord to our printer.  I wrote each address and return address on the outer envelopes.  They looked more personal than professional, which I had no choice but to love. 🙂  Instead of showing you a blurred image of someone’s address, I’ll show you how nice the cake stamps looked with our shimmery envelopes!

For the RSVP envelopes, I asked my cousin if she could design an address label.  It was so last minute,  but she whipped up six (SIX!) options for us!  Talk about an over-achiever. 😉  I chose my favorite, printed them on a printer that shall not be identified, and oh-s0-carefully slapped them on our little envelopes.  Here they are pre-postage.  I love the pink dots in the border!

And just when we were at the height of the cutting-scribbling-stuffing frenzy, another task got piled on our plate.  We needed to create cards for the Skup Svatova, the pre-wedding party hosted by Adam’s family.  This part was such a process.

The night before our flight, we worked on our invites for 12 hours straight.  We sealed the last envelope just as Adam’s alarm went off, letting us know it was time to book it to the airport!  We left a box of finished invites with our awesome doormen and felt the stress lift away as we flew off to our tropical vacation.

I’ll show you some delicious letterpressed details next, along with our entire suite!

What was the invitation-making process like for you?  Did you DIY from beginning to end (How do you people do that?!  I am amazed!), or just at the end like me?

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Making a List, Checking it Twice

Just months ago, Adam and I figured we would pass up on the whole wedding registry thing.  We weren’t sure if our old-school Korean/Serbian families even knew about registries, and we didn’t have a place of our own to furnish anyway.  Well, friends, all that has drastically changed.

I am a registry machine!

Heehee.  You see, after being hounded by our relatives (who have apparently been to enough American-style weddings to know all about this stuff) and settling into our lovely-but-empty condo, we decided to set up registries at Macy’s and Crate and Barrel.  It was slow-going at first, but after being in a few locations of each store and checking out the online process, I got totally hooked!  Look how much fun we had at Macy’s recently:

We attended one of their registry event nights, so they had snacks and drinks prepared for us.

We sat down with a registry consultant to learn how to use the scanner and where to find everything.  When we got up, I went straight for the china!  My mom had given me a piece of advice before we started: “Choose whatever you think is pretty.”  So I chose the prettiest one—Ballet Icing Pearl by Waterford.  It reminds me of cake frosting. 🙂

And the matching glasses were just as lovely!

Adam was the practical decision-maker, while I flailed my hands around and chattered about how we might be dooming ourselves to a lifetime of too-soft pillows.  Adam also got to use the scanner the whole time.  I was a little envious, but I knew he’d pass out from boredom without it. 

The Kitchenaid stand mixers had their own glorious section of the store with all the different models, colors, and attachments on display!  I had always planned on having my own bright, cheery mixer someday.  However, when we got to the display, this glittery black model stole my heart.  I take terrible pictures, so you’ll have to trust that it looks better in person.

After an hour or two of frazzled, doubtful decision-making (me) and happy-go-lucky scanning (Adam), we left the store with some parting gifts (Spoiler Alert!): a tote bag, two large wine glasses, and a Lush bath bomb!

Did you always plan to register?  Were you more of the overly anxious worrier during the registry process or the practical decision-maker?

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