Making a List, Checking it Twice

Just months ago, Adam and I figured we would pass up on the whole wedding registry thing.  We weren’t sure if our old-school Korean/Serbian families even knew about registries, and we didn’t have a place of our own to furnish anyway.  Well, friends, all that has drastically changed.

I am a registry machine!

Heehee.  You see, after being hounded by our relatives (who have apparently been to enough American-style weddings to know all about this stuff) and settling into our lovely-but-empty condo, we decided to set up registries at Macy’s and Crate and Barrel.  It was slow-going at first, but after being in a few locations of each store and checking out the online process, I got totally hooked!  Look how much fun we had at Macy’s recently:

We attended one of their registry event nights, so they had snacks and drinks prepared for us.

We sat down with a registry consultant to learn how to use the scanner and where to find everything.  When we got up, I went straight for the china!  My mom had given me a piece of advice before we started: “Choose whatever you think is pretty.”  So I chose the prettiest one—Ballet Icing Pearl by Waterford.  It reminds me of cake frosting. 🙂

And the matching glasses were just as lovely!

Adam was the practical decision-maker, while I flailed my hands around and chattered about how we might be dooming ourselves to a lifetime of too-soft pillows.  Adam also got to use the scanner the whole time.  I was a little envious, but I knew he’d pass out from boredom without it. 

The Kitchenaid stand mixers had their own glorious section of the store with all the different models, colors, and attachments on display!  I had always planned on having my own bright, cheery mixer someday.  However, when we got to the display, this glittery black model stole my heart.  I take terrible pictures, so you’ll have to trust that it looks better in person.

After an hour or two of frazzled, doubtful decision-making (me) and happy-go-lucky scanning (Adam), we left the store with some parting gifts (Spoiler Alert!): a tote bag, two large wine glasses, and a Lush bath bomb!

Did you always plan to register?  Were you more of the overly anxious worrier during the registry process or the practical decision-maker?


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