Invitations: The Big Reveal!

Our invitations make me smile for three main reasons:

  1. They have bunnies on them.
  2. They are pink and white, my two favorite colors!
  3. Other people made them.  And they made them awesome!

I did not have to lift a finger to work on these until I received them in the mail—designed, printed, and cut to perfection.  Here’s what arrived at my doorstep!  The main invitation, all dotted and swirled:

I asked for a variety of thick and thin swirls but never would’ve imagined them looking (and feeling!) this amazing.

Above photos by The Aerialist Press

The map and reception card—combined, because I was totally baffled by the idea of a separate reception card.  I loved the pin dot border and small circles of information in the bottom left and top right corners.  The letterpress made the circles look like puffy little pillows!

The RSVP card, which was meant to be a postcard.  Adam thought they would be more secure in their own envelopes, so I upgraded our stamps and bought some bite-sized envelopes for the little cuties:

Here is one cheerful combination.  Please pardon the lack of tables in our home!

And a version with a silver envelope:

And that’s it!  I love every bit of ’em and can’t take any credit for ’em.  Alexandra from The Aerialist Press was extremely professional, sweet, and timely; and I am continually amazed at Julie’s artistic talent.  I told her she should open an Etsy shop—if you’re with me, leave a comment below!  I’ll pass along any comments to her. 🙂

Were you happy with how your invitations turned out?


March 12, 2010. Letterpress, Stationery.

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