Invitations: The Variety Show

As I mentioned before, I had trouble deciding how to package our invitations.  You’ll see in this post that each suite had a different belly band, and I used a variety of envelope colors. Ridiculous?  Um yeah.  But our invites looked so pretty bundled in silver and white; and so cheerful and spring-y in yellow and pink.  It was like wrapping presents (I love wrapping presents!), and I had fun making each set a little different.

Now onto the eye-candy!

The hard part of the process was choosing the envelopes for each type of bellyband—I still wanted them to match!

No wait, the hardest part was choosing the recipient for each design.  I mulled over what to send my parents and friends for an embarrassingly long time.  Fun, loop-y bows went to households with girly girls, for example.

Clean, sleek-looking sets mostly went to male relatives and friends.

I loved all the shimmering elements in the set above: silver vellum (who knew there was such a thing?), my favorite feather-y paper, twinkly ribbon, and a silver envelope!

I had most of the materials I needed from previous projects (namely Save the Dates), but I had to purchase extra ribbon and Zots specifically for this project.  Here’s a quick rundown of the materials I used along with brief reviews:

I would totally recommend the each-one-is-a-unique-snowflake route for other indecisive brides!  It totally satisfied my cravings for sophisticated invites and fresh, spring-y invites.  I also loved not sticking with a formula—I was totally winging it the whole time.  Having a system for assembling them one particular way may have sped things up, but not by much.  I was in a time-crunch already, so I was wrapping them up and sliding them into envelopes as fast as possible!

Did you choose to have any variety in your wedding paperie?


March 16, 2010. Letterpress, Stationery.

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