Oh, Shoe-y

My search for wedding shoes started when I saw this photo on a magazine cover:


I loved everything about this look—the simple veil, the puffy skirt, the sparkly cuff, the pink bouquet.  But today, I’m only talking about the shoes.  Let’s zoom in on those kickers, shall we?

When we started wedding planning, these shoes were the only concrete detail I had in mind.  I wanted a bright pop of pink to peek out from under my dress with every step.  I wanted cutesy photos of our shoes side by side.  I wanted to play the Shoe Game, just so we could show off my hot pink heels.

Fast forward to two years later.  It’s less than a month before the wedding, and my perfect pink heels are nowhere to be found.  The originals in the photo are too high for my wobbly self, so I’ve had my eye on a few shorter options:


I love the shade of pink above, but I’ve never spent even close to $300 on shoes.


The puff is too cute!  But again, I face the hurdle of the several hundred dollar price tag.


These flats look so comfortable, and at $65, they’re much more affordable.  But really, I couldn’t spend that much on flats.  Sigh!  You’d think my thrifty ways would keep all prospects at bay.

But nay!  Since my search began, I’ve actually purchased and kept two pairs of pink shoes.


I found the bejeweled pair above on sale for $9.97 at Ann Taylor.  The Ninas below were on clearance for $12 at Carson Pirie Scott.  Now that’s more my price range! 😛  I’ve worn them both for dress-up events, but they’re a little too dark to serve as my wedding shoes.  They’re more deep raspberry than bright candy pink.


So with less than four weeks till the big day, I come to you, readers!  I’m open to any advice.  Should I wear one of the pink pairs I already own?  Should I shell out $300+ for the exact color I want?  Or do you know where I can find the perfect pink heels for, oh, say $15 max?  Okay okay, $50 max? 🙂


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