Reckless Shoe Hunting

I am so impressed by your words of wisdom and touched by your good wishes regarding my shoe post yesterday.  This morning, I had my second dress fitting.  It was my second fitting without shoes, and I know I’m making it hard on the sweet lady who’s altering my dress.  She’s still waiting to see what shoes I pick before she hems the front and creates the bustle.

Motivated by her generous patience (and from writing that shoe post), I went on a shoe shopping spree.  I ignored all boundaries concerning price, heel height, and style.  If I saw a pink shoe in my size, I bought it.  I came home with three rosy pairs:

All photos by yours truly

After writing about shoes yesterday, I realized how much the exact shade of pink mattered to me.  I splurged on these flats, about $40, because they had that bright candy pink color I’ve been admiring.  I also love the shape, but sadly, they’re half a size too big.  After checking two other stores for my size (5.5 or 6, if you’re near a TJ Maxx :)), I took them home and tried stuffing the front.  The sides were still too wide, and once the words “thick wedding socks” drifted into my head, I slid those oversized flats right off my feet.

These heels held my gaze as I walked toward the shoe section at Nordstrom Rack.  When I reached them, I couldn’t believe what I saw—Kate Spades in candy pink!  In my size!  On sale for $110!  But wait, what’s that little red sticker?  An additional 35% off?  That’s still a lot of dough, but compared to the pricing I’ve seen online for Kate Spades, I could handle $71!  The only negative is the ratio of shoe-to-foot when I’m wearing it.  The skimpy bands bare a lot of my flesh, and I don’t find feet especially bare-worthy.  If it provided more coverage along the sides, this would be my winner for sure.

I found this sweet pair at Nordstrom Rack, too.  They were a perfect fit at the perfect price (seventeen dollars, say wha?!), but the downside is pretty obvious.  I want a blast of color on my feet, and these are barely a puff of pink.  But I can’t deny how pretty they are…

Ideally, I’d like to choose one pair to be my wedding shoes and return the other two pairs.  It’ll be hard to say goodbye, but who am I to keep five pairs of pink potential-wedding-shoes in my closet?  I’m hanging out with my bridesmaids tonight, and I’m definitely bringing these three pairs to get their opinions.  In the meantime, what are your thoughts?  Do you have a favorite, or did the downsides kick them all out of the running?


March 27, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. ShoeHunting replied:

    If you love shoe hunting…you’ve gotta join our community and show off your fabulous shoes!!! Love those pink flats 🙂

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