Our Epic Movie Poster

Actually, it’s our e-pic (engagement picture) movie posters.  We’ve taken to calling them epic, because, well, you’ll see. 😛

I adore our engagement photos, taken by the amazingly talented Hannah of hannahelaine photography.  We used two of them on our Save the Dates, and we thought it’d be fun to display a few more at our reception.  Instead of surrounding our family and friends with lovey-dovey photos, we thought, How can we play this up?  Make it a little more fun?

Enter the Epic Movie Posters:

This was one of our favorite side-by-side projects!  Adam is a pro at MS Paint, so he did all the cutting, pasting, and color-matching to make our photos look movie-worthy.  I’m more comfortable with Photoscape, so I added the text.  I incorporated the names of our immediate family and our puppies!  Can you spy their names below?

Our movie posters are based on the ones below—we even used the same fonts!  But um, I like ours better. 🙂

You’ll have to wait and see how we use these!  In the meantime, tell me how you’re using your engagement photos.  Are you displaying some at your reception, too?


April 5, 2010. Decor, Engagement pictures.


  1. Jill Ludvigsen replied:

    Hannah and Adam,
    I have been following your story for almost a year. Your blog is wonderful. Best wishes to you as your BIG DAY arrives. Jill @ Danada House

  2. hannahdays replied:

    Thank you so much, Jill!

  3. Alex replied:

    Would you mind telling me the name of the font you used to simulate the words Beauty and the Beast?

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