Wedding Day Weather is Fickle!

I take back what I said about the weather yesterday.

I checked around noon today, and it predicted thunderstorms from Thursday until Sunday!  Not just sprinkles here and there, but an entire thunderstorm sandwich with our wedding day serving as the meaty filling.

Right now, it predicts a high of 62 and partly cloudy.  That’s more my style, but what happened to all the crazy T-storms that were coming our way?  Are they gone for good, or will they appear again tomorrow?  Do I need to buy an umbrella and wedding rain boots?

All I have to say is, Stop playing with my emotions,!  I have been slicing, punching, painting, gluing, folding, and tying for the last 72 hours.  Ya don’t wanna mess with me right now.

In happier news, only two days after the wedding, it will be 82 and sunny in Hawaii!  Sweet relaxation, here we come!


April 11, 2010. Chicago.

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