As in—really, you couldn’t have released these stamps three months earlier?!

I was just at the post office, picking up more stamps for our thank you cards.  They were all out of the wedding band stamps, so the lady behind the counter apologetically offered me these purple pansy ones.  OMGOSH, so pretty.  When I needed stamps for our invitations and RSVPs, our options were polar bears, forever stamps, and these:

The newest love stamps are a giant leap forward.  Here’s hoping for many more lovely stamps in the future!

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One Month Since

Today is our first month-aversary!  While I often hear people say that it seems like their wedding was just yesterday, for me, it seems like the wedding was forever ago.  I’m already tapping my head, trying to remember all the moments that made us laugh and tear up.  We didn’t make any major plans for the month after our wedding besides the honeymoon, but somehow, we’ve been quite busy.  Here’s what we did during the month after our big day:

  • We honeymooned in Hawaii for two glorious weeks.

  • We unpacked five suitcases: three from Hawaii, two from the wedding weekend.
  • We celebrated six birthdays.  All six people were in our bridal party, and three of us have the same birthday.  Crazy, right?
  • We started writing thank you notes.  Don’t be like me and assume that all wedding-related labor is done after the wedding.  200 blank note cards recently grew vocal cords just so they could laugh at my naivety.
  • We received teaser photos from our photographer and teased our friends for photo-bombing us:


  • We celebrated mundane things, because it was the first time as a married couple.  There was the first ordering of takeout as a couple.  The first time doing laundry together as a couple.  The first time discovering a broken dryer the hard way as a couple.  And the first time getting fed up with the machines and hanging our towels from doorknobs to dry as a couple.  Sigh. 🙂
  • We used our registry completion discounts at C&B and Macy’s to sweep up our registry favorites.  Hello, new baking buddy!


And two life-changing things happened right before the wedding, but we were too preoccupied to give them any attention:

  • I was accepted to my dream PhD program in New York.  Omgosh.
  • Adam was promoted within his awesome company…to a position in New York!

Friend’s photo

So this month has also been filled with housing applications, a flight to New York, and some exciting discussions about moving to the Big Apple!  I lived in NYC when Adam and I started dating long distance, and it’ll be fun to revisit all the places we loved and discover more together!  This time, as newlyweds.

What are your post-wedding plans?  Or if you’re already wed, what did you do during the first month after your wedding?

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Sunday Bunday!

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while!

We’ve been hard at work on our “thank you” cards.  It reminds me of all the work we put into our invitations—especially when I look at all the envelopes, hand-addressed and laid out to let the ink dry.  It’s slow going, mostly because we didn’t expect it to be so much work…and I’m kind of over doing any wedding-related labor.  My only motivation is that I really do want to thank people.  The stack of 200 note cards is daunting, but when I think about the individuals, I’m moved to keep on trucking.

It’d be nice if we had some cute “thank you” cards like these:




I couldn’t find a picture of our actual thank you notes, but they are bunny-less.  I’d say they’re a cross between these two cards:

Both from Target

Hope everyone’s having a happy Sunday Bunday!

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My Flowers: Behind the Scenes

When I first showed my auntie my floral inspiration, she had some hesitations about my dream flowers—namely, the difficult peonies, droopy sweet peas, and pricey ranunculus and anemones.  After some discussion, we agreed to replace my favorites with more budget-friendly options.  At that point, I felt lukewarm about my florals and figured they’d be nice, just not what I’d been dreaming of.

The week before my wedding, she invited my mom and I over to her floral shop to show me the flowers she ordered.

For the bouquets:

Pink roses.  Alright.  That’s cool.  But wait, there was more!  She invited me into her giant fridge and showed me all of this:

At the last minute, she decided to order every annoyingly difficult and expensive flower that I had shown her!  Sweet peas!  Anemones!  Ranunculus!  Peonies!  Oh, the squealing and hugging she endured that night!

She coaxed these into blooming for our church arrangements and bouquets:

And for the centerpieces, she revealed bright and cheery roses, hyacinth, green hypericum berries, and teeny tiny pink flowers.  I have no idea what they’re called.

For the boutonnières, I had settled for white roses, but she surprised me with the mini calla lilies I had wanted!

All photos are mine : )

I was so thrilled to see all these beauties!  I didn’t have time to stop by to see any of the assembling, but my mom did. She dropped by the floral shop the night before the wedding and got to assemble my bouquet!  Why they didn’t take photos of this, I have no idea. 😛

Our pro photos should be ready in the next few weeks, and I can’t wait to show you the final results.  Were there any surprises when it came to your wedding florals, or was it just what you were expecting?

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Parfait Paperie

We’re back from our honeymoon, and I have so much to share with you!  While we’re waiting for our professional pictures, I’ll take you back in time to the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Between the two- and three-week mark, I worked on printing and assembling all the paper pieces for our wedding.  My cousin, Julie, designed our invitations, menus, programs, table numbers, and photo booth signs.  She is amazing, and I credit all the following gorgeousness to her!  Here’s a look at our coffee table during paper-project-mania:

The place cards were simple—a pretty gray font on white card stock, mounted on silver cards.

I adored our menus!  The border and fonts reminded me of our invitations.

I liked the shadowed effect of our fancy-pants table numbers.  I mounted them on shimmery silver card stock, so they wouldn’t wilt throughout the night.

We placed these signs near our photo booth.  My BFF (Pi Parfait) helped me come up with the wording.  We especially enjoyed the “Ultimate Wedding Scrapbook” part. 🙂

Pi Parfait also helped me design these photo booth tickets.  Aren’t they sweet?

I printed our program covers on Blush Pink card stock.  The inner pages were on regular copy paper.  I spent many long hours and sleepless nights with my paper-cutter while working on these.

The first page of our eight-page program explained the ceremony.  The inner pages introduced our wedding party, parents, and officiant with cute descriptions of each person.  There was also a page about the significance of the church, the processional song, and the traditions we included in the ceremony.

The 6th and 7th pages featured a thank you note to our guests and a map to the reception.

I made 170 of each item, besides the table numbers (20) and photo booth signs.  By the Tuesday before our wedding, I had finished every single one of these projects!  I wanted to be done the weekend before, but there seemed to be no end to the cutting and pasting.  During the process, I’d ask myself if we really needed ceremony programs or menus—I wanted to save myself from more work!  But in the end, I’m glad we had all of these pieces, because they kept our guests informed, involved, and entertained. 🙂

What paper projects have you been working on?  Did you decide to leave out any pieces for your wedding, like menus or programs?

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