My Flowers: Behind the Scenes

When I first showed my auntie my floral inspiration, she had some hesitations about my dream flowers—namely, the difficult peonies, droopy sweet peas, and pricey ranunculus and anemones.  After some discussion, we agreed to replace my favorites with more budget-friendly options.  At that point, I felt lukewarm about my florals and figured they’d be nice, just not what I’d been dreaming of.

The week before my wedding, she invited my mom and I over to her floral shop to show me the flowers she ordered.

For the bouquets:

Pink roses.  Alright.  That’s cool.  But wait, there was more!  She invited me into her giant fridge and showed me all of this:

At the last minute, she decided to order every annoyingly difficult and expensive flower that I had shown her!  Sweet peas!  Anemones!  Ranunculus!  Peonies!  Oh, the squealing and hugging she endured that night!

She coaxed these into blooming for our church arrangements and bouquets:

And for the centerpieces, she revealed bright and cheery roses, hyacinth, green hypericum berries, and teeny tiny pink flowers.  I have no idea what they’re called.

For the boutonnières, I had settled for white roses, but she surprised me with the mini calla lilies I had wanted!

All photos are mine : )

I was so thrilled to see all these beauties!  I didn’t have time to stop by to see any of the assembling, but my mom did. She dropped by the floral shop the night before the wedding and got to assemble my bouquet!  Why they didn’t take photos of this, I have no idea. 😛

Our pro photos should be ready in the next few weeks, and I can’t wait to show you the final results.  Were there any surprises when it came to your wedding florals, or was it just what you were expecting?


May 11, 2010. Flowers.

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