Mooning Over Maui: Part Two

When we left off, Adam and I had just arrived in Maui and driven the long and winding Road to Hana.  We spent the rest of the week falling in love with Maui.  The mountains, beaches, and skies were breathtaking, and we kept stopping to take photos like these:

We also partook in a few tourist-y experiences:

The Royal Lahaina Luau. The day after Hana, I showed off my gigantic welts, ahem, mosquito bites at our first luau.  We’re guessing that the earlier you book it, the better seats you’ll have…’cause our seats were pitiful.

Showing off our leis and our buried-in-the-forest table

But I have to say, it was exactly what I hoped a luau would be!  This is in stark contrast to the luau we went to in Oahu and some others we heard about; so if you’re trying to decide on a luau, I’d highly recommend the Royal Lahaina.  Yes, all luaus have fun food and drinks, but what I loved most was the beautiful story told by the dancers, storytellers, and musician.  It made me want to stay in Hawaii forever and train to become a hula dancer!  (I’m still considering this…don’t tell our apartment brokers in NYC.)

The Pacific Whale Foundation. We went on an “eco tour” with the PWF to say hello to whales.  We didn’t get any whale photos, but I was thrilled to see a few tails and fins, along with beautiful views of the islands from afar.  Our guides recommended we come back sometime in November through March for a more exciting, whale-filled trip.  I was satisfied with the relaxing two-hour boat ride, but there were some sad little kids on our boat who wanted to see more.

Pictures we took from the boat:

Rainbows, rings, and a helicopter

Pictures we did not take from the boat:

An actual whale (photo by the Pacific Whale Foundation)

Beach Hopping.  On our last full day in Maui, Adam suggested checking out all the best beaches on the island.  I’ll briefly share our experiences with each one, but the linked web pages will be more helpful if you’re planning to go.  If you’re not heading to Hawaii soon, feel free to skip to the photos below!

  1. Makena’s Big Beach.  This was our favorite beach of the whole trip—white sand, crystal water, and crazy fun waves!  One was at least 15 feet high.  Adam swam through it; I was thrown face-first into the shore.  That watery beast.  Besides that, we had ton of fun battling the waves!
  2. Wailea Beach.  It’s runs along some fancy resorts, and we could tell why.  It was a gorgeous beach lined with fresh green succulents and swaying palm trees.
  3. Kamaole Beaches 1, 2, and 3.  Our hotel was across from these beaches.  We saw families enjoying picnics and play-dates here.  These were the most park-like out of all the beaches we saw.
  4. Sugar Beach.  I really wanted to find this because of the name—I wanted to see the sugary sand!  But when we got there, we discovered that their sand was like all the rest.  Also, the area where we entered had a sign that said “Resort Guests Only” and a dead crab.  So we left feeling disappointed, rejected, and a little mournful.  Poor little crabber.
  5. Ho’okipa Beach.  This beach was crowded with locals who were either sunbathing, surfing, or windsurfing.
  6. Hanakao’o Beach Park.  We ran into a few groups of kids and coaches with canoes, but there was still plenty of room on the beach for sunning and swimming.
  7. Ka’anapali Beach.  We went here a few times, because it lined one of my favorite spots: Whaler’s Village!  Upscale shops, offbeat boutiques, and yummy restaurants on a beautiful beach—it’s like it knew I was coming and built itself.

All photos are mine except that whale one : )

Before we knew it, we were flying off to Oahu in a tiny plane!  Next, I’ll tell you about our stay at Turtle Bay Resort.

For those of you who have been to Maui, did we miss out on anything?  I’d love to go back in the (oh so very near) future and would love to hear about more places to see, foods to try, and adventures to experience!


June 11, 2010. Honeymoon.

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