The Post-Wedding Shoot

I now interrupt our honeymoon recaps to chat about our post-wedding photo shoot!  You may recall that we planned to take engagement photos this past winter, but time was not on our sides.  Our amazing wedding photographer, Brittany, liked the idea of switching to a post-wedding shoot; so this Friday, we’ll reunite for our long-awaited engagement-turned-post-wedding shoot!

I love themed photo shoots.  You know the kind I’m talking about.  The amazing Up-inspired engagement session.  The couple that loves road trips.  The flight-themed shoot for a pilot and his future wife.  Once we chose our location (the park by Adam’s former elementary school) and considered our interests (I’m a school teacher; we both love playing in the park), we decided on our own theme: Recess!  Here are some ideas to get us started:


I adore the props in the shoot above!  I’m planning to bring school-time props like notebooks, pencils, name tags, and books; along with some playtime props like balls, Frisbees, chalk, and bubbles.


Perhaps we’ll place our rings on one of our favorite novels or dictionaries (I love dictionaries).


Since there’s a playground nearby, we’ll probably hop on the swings and monkey bars for a few shots!


And here’s the twist: We’ll be doing it all in our wedding gear!  I love the combination of resplendent clothing and the natural beauty of the great outdoors.  You may remember that the photo below was the inspiration for our cancelled engagement photo session.  I’m hoping the glam+nature style works just as well in the summer!


Above: The wintry version.  Below: The summery version.


It would’ve been nice to have done an engagement session with Brittany to get to know her style before the wedding.  But postponing it gave us time to think about what we wanted to do with our final shoot.  And I love that it’ll capture a few moments in our life as newlyweds.

Would you consider switching your engagement session for a post-wedding session?  What theme would you choose for a photo shoot with your loved one?


June 21, 2010. Engagement pictures, Our Friendly Vendors.

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