The Parfaits at Turtle Bay: The Beach Cottage

When we were planning our Hawaiian honeymoon, I knew I wanted to stay at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu.  It has all the makings of the perfect romantic getaway—remote, beachside, and totally gorgeous:

When we found out about their beach cottages, I was even more in awe!  The prices were a step up from their regular rooms, but Adam insisted on spoiling me.  Heehee.  I gazed at photos of the cottages online from the moment we booked it, and it felt like home from the moment we walked in.  Sigh, I miss it.  At least I got to keep the cute male model in the photo:

This is the view from our back door.  Too pretty, right?

And someone else called our backyard home!  We named her Lei Lei and gave her cuddles in exchange for sharing her home with us.

This big guy and his friends bobbed on our strip of beach every afternoon:

The beach in front of our cottage wasn’t swim-friendly, so we usually had the whole beach to ourselves.  One evening, a group of people walked toward us and held a small wedding ceremony mere yards from where we were lying!  Adam took a paparazzi shot of them:

I loved taking pictures of the sunsets from our cottage.  Adam interrupted one photoshoot with a full out song and dance.  I love that man. 🙂

I highly recommend staying in a beach-front cottage at Turtle Bay Resort!  The beach, the pools, the restaurants, and the rest of the 880 acres were all fantastic, and it would take too many pages for me to tell you all about them.  So I’ll just say—Hooray for Turtle Bay!

Has anyone else been to this magical place?  What drew you to your honeymoon hotel or resort?

Next, we’ll take some day trips on Oahu!  Previously in our Hawaiian travel tales:


June 22, 2010. Honeymoon.

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