The Parfaits at Turtle Bay: Day at Pearl Harbor

Adam and I are active vacationers.  While we did sleep in a few mornings and squeeze in a few beach-front naps, our goal was to make the most of our visit to Hawaii!  We wanted to see all there was to see, hike all there was to hike, and learn all there was to learn.  Pearl Harbor was our favorite learning experience.  It was humbling and kind of unbelievable to stand in all these places where history was made.

We set aside an entire day for Pearl Harbor.  In the morning, we climbed into the belly of the USS Bowfin Submarine:

You can see the Waterfront Memorial behind Adam.  We got ice cream cones before standing in line for the ferry to the Arizona Memorial.  It was a hot day, and little kids gazed at our ice cream while they stood sweating in line.  I felt bad.  Someone should open an ice cream stand near that line.

We took a short boat ride to the Arizona Memorial.  If you’ve never seen it before, it’s incredible.  This is a photo of it from the website:

The battleship is still underwater, and we could look down on it from the windows of the white structure.

The ferry took us back to land, and we walked through an aisle of American flags.  With plenty of daylight to spare, we climbed aboard the Battleship Missouri.

The ship was huge.  After every ladder was another ladder, and every step had a story to tell.  I know this, because I was listening to the stories on these headphones!

We used the video Ipod guides, and they were a million times better than the audio guides.  It would direct us to an area of the ship, and then go into a video documentary of what happened there.  It was amazing.  So amazing that we spent many more hours than we meant to aboard the ship!

As we neared the end of our Ipod guide, we realized that our next stop would be closing soon!  We sped through the rest of the videos and hopped on a bus to visit the Pacific Aviation Museum.

I had cut out a coupon for a flight simulation, but since it was almost closing time, no one would let us do it!  Adam was disappointed.  Sorry, love.

The museum folks were already shooing people out, so we took in as much as we could, bought some sour peach gummies (for me) and space ice cream (for Adam), and got back on the bus.  I think we fell asleep as soon as we got back to Turtle Bay!

I’ll tell you about our final days in Oahu in my next, and last, honeymoon post!


June 30, 2010. Honeymoon.

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