Sunday Bunday!

Adam and I are babysitting my puppy for the next two weeks!  We flew with her from the suburbs of Florida to the hectic city of Chicago.  We walked with her to Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain last night (both are dog-friendly) where we spotted a bunny!  Unfortunately, about a dozen toddlers also saw the bunny and chased him into a small grassy area.

Because this is true, I said, “Aww, Luxi likes bunnies!”  The tots walked away one by one, since they lost sight of the bun.  Adam waited till all the kids left and beckoned me to come over.  He had found the bunny and wanted Luxi to meet it!  So sweet.

What I should have told him is, “Luxi likes to chase bunnies and scare the poops out of them.”  Equally accurate, but much more specific.

I shall make these cookies in honor of the frightened little bunny.  I kept Luxi away from him, but I’m sure the shrieking toddlers were trauma enough.


Luxe and I are going to have a busy week!  We’re going to check out all the dog-friendly attractions and parks we can find.  If you have any recommendations, we’d love to hear them!


July 5, 2010. Bunnies, Foodies, Sweets.

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