Moving Days

Just popping in to say that posting will be light for the next few weeks.  Adam found us a lovely two-bedroom apartment in New York, and we’ve only got 12 days to pack up and get over there!  It feels like we just went through all the stress and craziness of moving.  Hopefully, we’ll get through this move with two less emergency room visits!

I’m looking forward to moving back to New York.  I miss choosing all my groceries at the farmers’ market.  I miss gasping and sighing in the audience of a Broadway musical.  I miss walking the fifty blocks to my destination; because it’s nice out, and I’ve been a sedentary bookworm all week, and I’m tired of waiting in the hot/cold/stinky subway stations, and I like seeing all the little doggies taking walks with their owners.

What will I miss about Chicago?  Spending time with my Luxi puppy in the city:

At O’Brien’s Riverwalk Cafe

I’ll miss our family and friends.  I’ll miss our condo.  It was our first home together, and it was just so beautiful and perfect.

Luxe modeling our family room

I’ll miss all the excitement, hilarity, and surprises of living with my husband for the first time.  I’m sure we’ll be much more mature and prepared for living together in our second home. 😉  I just hope I get the walk-in closet this time!

I’ll be back to posting regularly after the move.  Hope everyone has a great week!


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