The Big Move

I can’t believe a month has passed since we moved into our new home in New York!  Adam and I had a busy summer, and it feels nice to settle into fall.  My doctoral classes have started; Adam’s back to working normal hours; and, it took a while, but we’ve adopted our new apartment as our home.

When I left off, we were just about to enjoy our going-away party, thrown by Adam’s family:

Soon after, we packed up our lives and smooshed it all into a truck.  Special thanks to our friends and family who came and helped out!

In the truck, and ready to go!

Of course, we couldn’t leave home without my best bud, J.

My bestie was our support system, and her unfailingly radiant, positive spirit made such a difference in our grand adventure.  Whether we needed help packing, unpacking, cleaning, shopping, making decisions, or just staying sane, she was there for us.  Thank you, star!

And finally, some pictures of our Big Apple home.  Here’s my study area (work in progress–artwork coming soon!):

And here’s our kitchen.  Not as grand or modern as our Chicago kitchen, but we’ve grown to enjoy it just as much.

After we moved in, I met a man who has lived in Manhattan for 36 years.  He said it’s the best place to live, and I wonder if I’ll agree with him someday.  After telling him about our moving adventures, he said to me, “Moving five times is the equivalent of your house being burnt down once.  That’s how much stuff you lose or break or throw away.”  It’s totally true–every time I move, I start with heartbreaking sentimentality and progress very quickly to giving everything away that doesn’t fit in the boxes I have available.  But it’s always nice to start fresh, right?

What was your last move like?  Do you tend to “burn the house down” and start anew when you move from place to place?  Any advice on how to decorate our kitchen and living room? 🙂

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