Wedding Day Weather is Fickle!

I take back what I said about the weather yesterday.

I checked around noon today, and it predicted thunderstorms from Thursday until Sunday!  Not just sprinkles here and there, but an entire thunderstorm sandwich with our wedding day serving as the meaty filling.

Right now, it predicts a high of 62 and partly cloudy.  That’s more my style, but what happened to all the crazy T-storms that were coming our way?  Are they gone for good, or will they appear again tomorrow?  Do I need to buy an umbrella and wedding rain boots?

All I have to say is, Stop playing with my emotions,!  I have been slicing, punching, painting, gluing, folding, and tying for the last 72 hours.  Ya don’t wanna mess with me right now.

In happier news, only two days after the wedding, it will be 82 and sunny in Hawaii!  Sweet relaxation, here we come!

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Wedding Day Weather!

Eeee, the weather forecast for our wedding day keeps getting better and better!  In fact, I’m kinda liking the whole week.  Sure, there’s some rain here and there, but maybe it’ll help the spring flowers bloom!

Not too shabby!  😀

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Bachelorette Party, Parfait-Style

For my bachelorette party, I thought we were having a cozy, stay-at-home slumber party.  I was excited but also felt a little guilty that my girls wouldn’t have the typical bachelorette’s night out with me.  You see, I’m more High School Musical than Gossip Girl, so anything having to do with drinking and scandalousness was out.  But my girls, being the creative geniuses they are, planned the perfect surprise for me!

The day started at my BFF’s house.  Ever the thoughtful hostess, she decorated her place in pink and white.

I asked nicely, but my bridesmaids refused to tell me what we were doing that night!  From left to right, there’s me, Mr. Parfait’s sister-in-law, Mr. Parfait’s sister, and my friend-since-forever.  Each girl chose a Parfait nickname so I could blog about them, so I’ll be referring to them as Snickerdoodle Parfait, Strawberry Parfait, and Pumpkin Parfait!

After a flurry of snacking, changing clothes, and opening presents (everyone got a tiara!), we hopped on a train to downtown Chicago.  Here’s our best friend sandwich—that’s Pi Parfait, moi, and Pumpkin Parfait.

When we got to Union Station, a black limo pulled up and the driver opened the door to let us in!  Finally, Pi Parfait revealed the main event: a Cupcake Crawl!!!  AHHHH, amazing!  She whipped out a list of famous cupcake bakeries and directed our chauffeur to the first one!

We hopped out of the limo and into our first cupcake shop.  Pi and I were especially excited, because we always talk about opening a cupcake bakery together!  Seeing all the different styles and flavors was totally inspiring.

There were plenty of sweets behind glass to admire:

And we brought them into the limo to devour:

We studied the ambience of each bakery we invaded.  We gave this place high marks for using swings as bar seats.

There were pink glow sticks involved, thanks to Pumpkin Parfait.  They were hilariously random, and the words on it were the raciest part of the whole night!  We still don’t know why they said, “X-Rated.”  They were just normal glow sticks!

After dinner and an impromptu photoshoot in Millenium Park, we said goodbye to our cushy limo and headed home for the slumber party.  Gigantic thanks to Pi Parfait for hosting us all weekend!  Check out her hostessing skillz below:

We made it to eight cupcake bakeries in one night, and, um, it was amazing.  My tummy is still smiling.  It was fun being “the bride” all night and receiving good wishes and congratulations from complete strangers!  And my favorite part of it all?  I love how the bridal showers and bachelorette party are bringing all of my favorite people together.  Yay. 🙂

Are you hoping for a sweet and girlie bachelorette like mine, or are you hoping for something a little more racy?

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Library Month

library card

September is National Library Card Sign Up Month!  The lovely town of Naperville is honoring the month by offering rewards for carrying your library card around.  I’ll list a few of the perks for you local readers.  For everyone else, check out your local library and find out if they have any specials for September!

Here are the special offers I’m excited about!  All you need to do is show your library card at these (and many other) generous Naperville businesses:

  • Arbor Vitae Cafe:  Free 16 oz. coffee
  • bd’s Mongolian Grill:  $5 off a stir-fry meal
  • Catch 35:  Free appetizer with purchase of 2 entrees
  • Colonial Cafe:  10% off purchase price
  • Dunkin’ Donuts on Rt 59:  12 Munchkins for $1.99
  • DuPage Children’s Museum:  Buy one admission, get one free
  • Naper Settlement:  Naper Settlement note pad and pencil
  • Ogden 6 Theatre:  Buy one admission, get one free (not Saturdays)
  • Wilderness Falls:  Buy one round of mini golf, get one free

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A Blustery Day?

No matter what wedding date a couple chooses, they probably have some concerns about the weather.  Will it be hot or rainy; blustery or sticky?  Springtime in the Chicago area is especially unpredictable.  Sometimes we skip spring altogether, going straight from an unbearably long winter into summer!

To get an idea of what to expect for our April 2010 wedding, I conducted some research on  Since we haven’t chosen an exact date yet, I saved the whole month!  It’s pretty long, so I’ll just post the first half:

Average weather in April

Average weather in April

In the wintertime, we’d probably miss the sunset by the time we sat down for dinner.  But in April, we’ll be settled at our tables, ready to enjoy the beautiful sunset through the windows 🙂  I expected those average temperatures, and I’m mentally prepared for chilly weather.  Of course, I would be thrilled if our day hit a record high temperature!

Did you know that has a whole section of their website devoted to Wedding Planning?  You can track your wedding day weather, get tips for outdoor weddings, and check out their honeymoon planner!  The graph below is from their wedding section and might be helpful for a couple who hasn’t selected their wedding month yet:

The average monthly temps for our area

Weather info for my area

The Wedding Planner by the Weather Channel is a helpful guide, but even with all the statistics, you never know what the weather may bring!

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E-Picture Day Two!

I adore our engagement pictures.  Here are more fun shots taken by the kind and talented hannahelaine of hannahelaine photography.

We own this city!

We own this city!



My turn!

My turn!

Watch out now--his turn!

Watch out now--his turn!

We had so much fun shivering, jumping, laughing, and dancing in the city.  I wonder if a city wedding could be in our near future…

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E-Picture Day

Last month, Adam and I met with an amazing photographer from Nashville named hannahelaine.  She was an answer to many hopes and prayers!  I wanted (yearned and ached for) engagement pictures but was having trouble convincing Adam that it’s perfectly normal to take these shots and actually quite common.  I wanted a fabulous photographer but had no idea how to find one.  Either divine providence or my addiction to wedding blogs led me to find her on Weddingbee, my favorite wedding site of all time.  I also wanted photographs that thrill and delight. 🙂  We have a zillion pictures together, so I wanted our e-pix to be extraordinary!

And thanks to hannahelaine, I believe they were.

Bunny love

Bunny love

In the wilderness of Chicago

In the wilderness of Chicago

Just loungin'

Just loungin'

Stained glass romance

Stained glass romance

More e-pix are coming this way soon!

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