Our Epic Movie Poster

Actually, it’s our e-pic (engagement picture) movie posters.  We’ve taken to calling them epic, because, well, you’ll see. 😛

I adore our engagement photos, taken by the amazingly talented Hannah of hannahelaine photography.  We used two of them on our Save the Dates, and we thought it’d be fun to display a few more at our reception.  Instead of surrounding our family and friends with lovey-dovey photos, we thought, How can we play this up?  Make it a little more fun?

Enter the Epic Movie Posters:

This was one of our favorite side-by-side projects!  Adam is a pro at MS Paint, so he did all the cutting, pasting, and color-matching to make our photos look movie-worthy.  I’m more comfortable with Photoscape, so I added the text.  I incorporated the names of our immediate family and our puppies!  Can you spy their names below?

Our movie posters are based on the ones below—we even used the same fonts!  But um, I like ours better. 🙂

You’ll have to wait and see how we use these!  In the meantime, tell me how you’re using your engagement photos.  Are you displaying some at your reception, too?

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Laughing in the Shower

Last Saturday, I attended the most beautiful, delectable, joyful shower ever!  It was so much fun, and to my amazement, it was all for me!  My mom’s dear friend (Auntie J) and my bridesmaids planned every perfectly pink detail.

When I walked in, my SIL greeted me with a smile and placed a flower in my hair.  She did this for everyone who entered and collected recipe cards in a box for me to take home.  You can see all the hair flowers below!

The girls ushered me into the kitchen to see the display of mini cheesecakes, cream puffs, cookies, and chocolate-covered strawberries.  Auntie J placed a gorgeous corsage on my wrist.  I loved it!

Each treat had something to do with my life experiences.  I fell in love with black and white cookies when I lived in NYC, so my dear friend made pink and white cookies.  They were amazingly soft and were gone in a flash!  My BFF and I worked at TCBY together for years, so she placed a common froyo topping on the table—M&Ms, all pink and white, of course.

There was a table of sweets, a table of savories, and plenty of tasty drinks to wash them down.  I could eat berries all day, so this punch was straight out of my dreams.  See the pink ribbons on the paper cups?  These girls thought of everything!

We played three games, and all of them had us laughing for hours!  The best was Bridal Bingo.  The rules were simple:

  1. Fill out a blank Bingo card by writing a common shower gift in each box.
  2. If the bride opens a present that you wrote down, mark it on your card.
  3. The first person to mark five in a row (Bingo!) will receive a prize.

I was hanging out by the food while everyone filled out their cards and, apparently, cheated with abandon!  (See photo below for evidence.)  After a few gifts, everyone was laughing hysterically and shouting BINGO at the same time.  I can’t blame them for cheating—check out the adorable prizes!  Cookie mix in flower-topped containers.

I wish we had a photo with everyone who attended.  Here’s a pic with everyone who stuck around to help clean and take the next set of ridiculous pictures.

Soooo, let me explain.  Long before shower planning even started, my BFF and I talked about how much we love Disney movies and how fun a Disney princess-themed event would be.  We’d never subject our mothers and other normal adults to such a kiddie theme, but my BFF convinced the other bridesmaids to dress as Disney princesses for the shower!  It wasn’t the theme of the shower; we just enjoy dressing up. 🙂

We took photos to illustrate each girl’s character.  Can you guess which princesses we were representing?

I’m so touched and humbled by how much thought went into planning the shower.  It was beautiful, and it was a barrel of laughs that I’ll never forget.  Thank you, friends and sisters!  Love!

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The Select Few

I tried to narrow down my floral inspiration pix.  Really, I did!  It’s just that…I have so many.  And they’re all so beautiful.

My auntie called yesterday to schedule an appointment to talk about my wedding flowers, and she asked me to bring some pictures.  I wonder how many qualifies as “some”…cuz there’s a lot more where these came from!  I’ve narrowed it down to the following photos.

For my bouquet, I would love a giant, yummy-smelling fluffball.  Key word being fluffball.

We could add light hints of our wedding colors—pink, orange, and yellow:

Or stick with what I know best—pink pink pink!  (Isn’t Mrs. Daffodil so beautiful?)

Onto the bridesmaids’ bouquets!  The ones below have just the right pinkness, softness, and roundness; but they look so heavy!  We might go a tad smaller.  I don’t want anyone’s arms falling off during the ceremony.

You can see all the creamy, petal-y gorgeousness in this close up.  We wouldn’t have purple anemones in ours.

What about my dashing groom?  A mini calla lily on its own looks classic and dignified—not too flowery or fluffy.  I’ll have to okay this with Adam, but I think it’d be the perfect accent on the men’s tuxes.

A cheery, vibrant arrangement could welcome guests when they enter the reception venue.  If we have two of these, they could work double-time as altar arrangements!

The centerpieces will be bright and homey.

If the ones above are too pricey, I’ll ask her what she thinks of this “loose” arrangement.

Unwrapped, this bouquet would be my perfect centerpiece.  All our colors are represented in a mix of fun and luxurious florals:

For the cocktail hour, we’ll place some simple pieces on the high tables and on the bar.

And finally, here is my cake inspiration that I posted about long ago.  It’s just perfection.

Picture Sources:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

15?!  This might be too much.  I want to give my auntie a complete idea of what I like, but I don’t want to overwhelm her.  When it comes to sharing your ideas with vendors, how do you find the line between helpful and overwhelming?

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High School Satellite

When Jeanette and I met for our Christmas celebration, we took a little time to discuss satellite party details!  About that: My wedding planning book calls all the events surrounding a wedding “Satellite Celebrations,” so that’s what I’ve taken to calling them.

We brainstormed a list of themes that we could use for any of the events.  Since Adam and I met in high school, we thought a high school theme would be appropriate!  Besides our little brainstorming session, Jen wants to keep the details of these parties a surprise.  But I couldn’t resist—as soon as I got home, I did some research to flesh out the theme!

For starters, we could set the tables with simple centerpieces in our school colors.  Ours were red and white, just like this.  Check out the notebook paper place cards!

tablescape highschoolSource

Stacks of colorful books look fresh, while invitations inspired by library book cards lend some nostalgia.

wlovesplendor books kidsencyclopediasSource

 This wall of lockers could serve as a doodle pad and guest book for the event.  Those two decked-out lockers would be his and mine.  They’d be so much fun to decorate!


Mini chalkboards, biggie chalkboards—the teacher in me loves them all!  We could use these to display a menu, seating chart, or directions for a game.


And the secret reason that BFF and I love this theme?  Because we L-O-V-E High School Musical!  A high school themed party would be the perfect excuse to play HSM soundtracks in the background and make food tributes to the movies (“A pi pie!”  “Strudels, scones, even apply pandowdy!”).  We’re so sneaky.

Are you clued into themes for your satellite celebrations, or are you looking forward to being surprised?

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Sunday Bunday!

It’s been forever since I checked out Apartment Therapy–AKA my post-college addiction.  I’ll probably get re-addicted to the site once we’re married and have an apartment or condo to work on!  Until then, I’ll just enjoy their fun finds, like these adorable bunny vases and sculptures:

bunnyvase prettyrandomob

bunny sculpt prettyrandomob

bunny sculpture prettyrandomobjects

bunnyvase prettyrrandomobjectsAll from the Etsy shop of prettyrandomobjects

How sweet are the bunnies with little homes?  And I love the vases–they’d make the perfect centerpieces for our bunny family dinners. 🙂

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Dressing Vases

When I started wedding planning, I had all these dreams of making my own tablecloths, napkins, bridesmaid dresses, fabric draping, and centerpieces!  A lack of sewing skills caused the fabric-related DIYs to fall away, but I was still determined to add a homemade touch to the centerpieces.

So I went and bought 50 vases, all of which have been sitting in my basement, waiting to be personalized and Hannah-fied.  And here’s what I plan to do with them!

wtreasured petal alicia-12

As you know, there is a special place in my heart for the work of the Treasured Petal.  And one of Kristin’s trademarks is the vellum-wrapped candle!  (Okay, it’s actually a vellum-wrapped vase, but there are candles inside!)  The first time I saw it, I knew it would be my very first DIY wedding project.

wtreasuredpetal lanterns

Looks pretty doable, right?  I adore flowers, so I would want a mix of florals and candles on each table.  Above is a beautiful example and a quirky mix of papers.

In closer detail

This last version is my favorite—simple, elegant, and personal.  The text looks fabulous, and just imagine having all of your favorite passages and poems in the room with you on your wedding day!  I’ve bookmarked pages from my favorite books to wrap around the vases, but I’m still on the search for many more.

So there it is—my soon-to-be first DIY!  Of course, I still feel like the wedding is so far away that I don’t need to start anytime soon.  (I imagine I’ll regret those words in a few months…)

What motivated you to start working on your wedding projects?  Did you start way in advance, or put it off until the last few months?

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Paint It All Citrus!

I just realized that I’ve neglected to give credit to the brains behind our color scheme.  Back when Adam and I were first engaged, we had our hearts set on a blue-hued celebration.  As I do with all things wedding-related (and life-related), I asked my mom for her opinion.  She is a woman of grace and good taste, and I always take her suggestions to heart.  She encouraged me to pick colors that make me feel happy and celebratory!  After a day of thinking happy thoughts, I suggested a new color palette to Mr. Parfait: the pink, orange, and yellow that you now see all over my blog!  The bright, citrus colors definitely make me feel like celebrating.  And wouldn’t you know…he loved it!  Thanks, Mom! 🙂

Since then, I’ve wondered where to include our colors.  A few basics come to mind: the bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, and paper items will feature pink, orange, and yellow.  Where else would we need them?  Of course, Martha Stewart came through with a whole slew of unique ideas for incorporating citrus colors throughout a celebration!


Cutest straws ever?

I love the beverage jars!  I’ve been trying to decide if we should have signature drinks and what they should be.  It would be sweet if they were bubbly, citrus drinks that matched our colors!  We don’t have plans for decorating the cocktail room yet.  We could serve and display the drinks in there to add a bit of color!


Multi-colored, multi-leveled centerpieces

Most flower-less centerpieces seem like they’re missing something to me, but this collection of candles looks full and bright.  I would place the boxes below on each napkin to add color to the table.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what I’d put in these adorable boxes!  Our favor possibilities include pashminas, frisbees, and blankets.  Not exactly snack-sized items.


Adorable favors

 How are you incorporating your colors in your celebration?

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Oh, Happy Day

Happy colors = happy spirits = happy guests + bride + groom = happy celebration!  That sums ups our no-fail plan for a perfect evening.  When describing our brightly-hued wedding to others, we’re sometimes met with remarks about color overload and bleeding eyeballs. 😯  Thankfully, Adam and I have the same vision, and I think I know where it came from.

A while ago, Adam’s company treated its best and brightest to dinner.  A really nice dinner.  They used multiple bright colors, too, and it was stunning!


Jaws dropped; coworkers raved; chair sashes found their way onto people’s shoulders.  The bursts of color across the sandy beach told guests, “Loosen up; get up; and let’s paaaar-tay!”


As the sun set, the colors fell away in darkness.  Below, you can see how it looked hours into the night.  The right side was the boisterous dining area, lit with red and gold.  The left side was the quieter cocktail area, lit in blue.


This extravagant dinner party pops into my head whenever we’re describing the mood and colors of our wedding.  And when I mention it, Adam’s always thinking the same thing!  Our hot pink, bright yellow, and citrus-y orange palette seems pretty tame in comparison.  Have you been inspired by celebrations you’ve attended?

Photo credits: Adam’s company and me

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Daydreaming in Color

Springtime in Chicago, as I’ve mentioned before, tends to be gray and wintry.  Snow, slush, boots, and thick coats are on display well into the season.  By the time our April wedding date rolls around, I know I’ll be ready for bright tulips and unabashed sunshine!  Adam and I want our guests to shed their coats, walk into our ballroom, and think, “Spring has finally sprung!”  I’ve been flipping through the beautiful inspiration boards at Snippet and Ink, looking for something that can help define our wedding. Something with our fresh, citrus-y colors.  Something that says, “Pow”!  The following boards came with descriptions that match the mood we hope to achieve at our wedding.

Bold and fun:

Pink and yellow!

Pink, orange, and yellow---all of our colors are here!

Bright and classic yet quirky:

Punchy yellow

Who knew yellow could be so bold?

Quirky, cheerful, and fun:


Pretty paper, punch, and pillows

All beautiful ways to usher in the spring season, don’t you think?

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Mmmm, Can-day!

Our venue offers a Signature Gourmet Sweet Buffet.  I’ve never been to a wedding with a dessert or candy buffet, but I think it’s a fabulously fun idea!  If we were to have one, I’d want to design it with Adam and bring in our favorite candies in our favorite colors!  However, if we want to provide our own sweets buffet, our venue charges a fee of $4 per person.  For our guest list, that’s $800-$1000.  A thousand bucks.  To bring in our own candy. 

Which begs the question:  WHAT???

And more seriously, the question:  Is it worth it?

Color-coordinated candy bars

Color-coordinated candy bars

Oh, pink lollipop trees and swirling Pocky sticks!  Even if we made ours look as spectacular as the ones above, the cost couldn’t be justified.  $1000 + cost of treats + cost of plates/bowls = a huge chunk of cash moneyz!  So yes, you are stunning and surely delicious, Wedding Candy Bar.  But the answer is no.  This is probably only one of many times that I’ll have to calm the (way too excitable) brainstormer inside of me.  There are a million ways we can personalize and beautify our wedding.  We’ll just have to figure out what works for us!

Picture Source: Amy Atlas Events

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