My Flowers: Behind the Scenes

When I first showed my auntie my floral inspiration, she had some hesitations about my dream flowers—namely, the difficult peonies, droopy sweet peas, and pricey ranunculus and anemones.  After some discussion, we agreed to replace my favorites with more budget-friendly options.  At that point, I felt lukewarm about my florals and figured they’d be nice, just not what I’d been dreaming of.

The week before my wedding, she invited my mom and I over to her floral shop to show me the flowers she ordered.

For the bouquets:

Pink roses.  Alright.  That’s cool.  But wait, there was more!  She invited me into her giant fridge and showed me all of this:

At the last minute, she decided to order every annoyingly difficult and expensive flower that I had shown her!  Sweet peas!  Anemones!  Ranunculus!  Peonies!  Oh, the squealing and hugging she endured that night!

She coaxed these into blooming for our church arrangements and bouquets:

And for the centerpieces, she revealed bright and cheery roses, hyacinth, green hypericum berries, and teeny tiny pink flowers.  I have no idea what they’re called.

For the boutonnières, I had settled for white roses, but she surprised me with the mini calla lilies I had wanted!

All photos are mine : )

I was so thrilled to see all these beauties!  I didn’t have time to stop by to see any of the assembling, but my mom did. She dropped by the floral shop the night before the wedding and got to assemble my bouquet!  Why they didn’t take photos of this, I have no idea. 😛

Our pro photos should be ready in the next few weeks, and I can’t wait to show you the final results.  Were there any surprises when it came to your wedding florals, or was it just what you were expecting?

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Laughing in the Shower

Last Saturday, I attended the most beautiful, delectable, joyful shower ever!  It was so much fun, and to my amazement, it was all for me!  My mom’s dear friend (Auntie J) and my bridesmaids planned every perfectly pink detail.

When I walked in, my SIL greeted me with a smile and placed a flower in my hair.  She did this for everyone who entered and collected recipe cards in a box for me to take home.  You can see all the hair flowers below!

The girls ushered me into the kitchen to see the display of mini cheesecakes, cream puffs, cookies, and chocolate-covered strawberries.  Auntie J placed a gorgeous corsage on my wrist.  I loved it!

Each treat had something to do with my life experiences.  I fell in love with black and white cookies when I lived in NYC, so my dear friend made pink and white cookies.  They were amazingly soft and were gone in a flash!  My BFF and I worked at TCBY together for years, so she placed a common froyo topping on the table—M&Ms, all pink and white, of course.

There was a table of sweets, a table of savories, and plenty of tasty drinks to wash them down.  I could eat berries all day, so this punch was straight out of my dreams.  See the pink ribbons on the paper cups?  These girls thought of everything!

We played three games, and all of them had us laughing for hours!  The best was Bridal Bingo.  The rules were simple:

  1. Fill out a blank Bingo card by writing a common shower gift in each box.
  2. If the bride opens a present that you wrote down, mark it on your card.
  3. The first person to mark five in a row (Bingo!) will receive a prize.

I was hanging out by the food while everyone filled out their cards and, apparently, cheated with abandon!  (See photo below for evidence.)  After a few gifts, everyone was laughing hysterically and shouting BINGO at the same time.  I can’t blame them for cheating—check out the adorable prizes!  Cookie mix in flower-topped containers.

I wish we had a photo with everyone who attended.  Here’s a pic with everyone who stuck around to help clean and take the next set of ridiculous pictures.

Soooo, let me explain.  Long before shower planning even started, my BFF and I talked about how much we love Disney movies and how fun a Disney princess-themed event would be.  We’d never subject our mothers and other normal adults to such a kiddie theme, but my BFF convinced the other bridesmaids to dress as Disney princesses for the shower!  It wasn’t the theme of the shower; we just enjoy dressing up. 🙂

We took photos to illustrate each girl’s character.  Can you guess which princesses we were representing?

I’m so touched and humbled by how much thought went into planning the shower.  It was beautiful, and it was a barrel of laughs that I’ll never forget.  Thank you, friends and sisters!  Love!

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The Select Few

I tried to narrow down my floral inspiration pix.  Really, I did!  It’s just that…I have so many.  And they’re all so beautiful.

My auntie called yesterday to schedule an appointment to talk about my wedding flowers, and she asked me to bring some pictures.  I wonder how many qualifies as “some”…cuz there’s a lot more where these came from!  I’ve narrowed it down to the following photos.

For my bouquet, I would love a giant, yummy-smelling fluffball.  Key word being fluffball.

We could add light hints of our wedding colors—pink, orange, and yellow:

Or stick with what I know best—pink pink pink!  (Isn’t Mrs. Daffodil so beautiful?)

Onto the bridesmaids’ bouquets!  The ones below have just the right pinkness, softness, and roundness; but they look so heavy!  We might go a tad smaller.  I don’t want anyone’s arms falling off during the ceremony.

You can see all the creamy, petal-y gorgeousness in this close up.  We wouldn’t have purple anemones in ours.

What about my dashing groom?  A mini calla lily on its own looks classic and dignified—not too flowery or fluffy.  I’ll have to okay this with Adam, but I think it’d be the perfect accent on the men’s tuxes.

A cheery, vibrant arrangement could welcome guests when they enter the reception venue.  If we have two of these, they could work double-time as altar arrangements!

The centerpieces will be bright and homey.

If the ones above are too pricey, I’ll ask her what she thinks of this “loose” arrangement.

Unwrapped, this bouquet would be my perfect centerpiece.  All our colors are represented in a mix of fun and luxurious florals:

For the cocktail hour, we’ll place some simple pieces on the high tables and on the bar.

And finally, here is my cake inspiration that I posted about long ago.  It’s just perfection.

Picture Sources:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

15?!  This might be too much.  I want to give my auntie a complete idea of what I like, but I don’t want to overwhelm her.  When it comes to sharing your ideas with vendors, how do you find the line between helpful and overwhelming?

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A Treasure a Day

Have you seen *The Perfect* wedding flowers?  Not yet?  Well then, allow me to share them with you!

The top of the cake

Soft roses, playful billy balls, bright anemones--perfection!

I saw these flowers on The Treasured Petal blog a few months ago.  Ever since then, they’ve remained in my mind as *The Perfect* wedding florals…at least for my wedding. 😛  I love the fun combination of flowers used here (hello, pink anemones), and they’re in our wedding colors!  I’ll share the beautiful cake table she put together, and you can check out her blog for the rest of the wedding flowers.

Cake flowers

The colors, the books, the petals

Our plan is to have a simple white cake and ask our florist to add some flowers to it.  The above picture is definitely coming with me to our cake-designing and floral-planning meetings.

In closer detail

Inspiration for my first wedding DIY project

Being a total readaholic and write-aholic, I would love to incorporate the literary elements like the makeshift cake stand and the above candle holders.  The candle holders are going to be my first DIY project.  So far, I’ve purchased cylinder vases, vellum paper, and double stick tape.  I’ve bookmarked pages from my favorite books to wrap around the vases, but I’m still on the search for many more!

The lovely cake table

The lovely cake table

I highly encourage everyone to check out the rest of the Treasured Petal blog.  Wedding florals are just fun to admire, and hers are always beyond beauty and perfection!

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Vendor Day: My Florist

When people ask me about our wedding date or location or basically any detail…I have no answer to give yet!  We’re still trying to find that one perfect place.  Once we have that, we’ll be able to make informed decisions about everything else!

However, there is one element that I’ve had planned since, oh, about birth:  My florist!

My beautiful, sweet, and talented florist knew my parents before I was born.  Our families went to church together, and I remember babysitting her kids while I was growing up.  Since she and my mother were close friends, we were thrilled for her when she opened her business, Wildflower Florist and Gifts, in Naperville.

On Mother’s Day, I visited her store to pick up a flower arrangement for Adam’s mother.  She barely let my pay, but her work is worth the big bucks.  The Mother’s Day arrangement was big, beautiful, and the flowers were flawless.

The cheery and bright flowers reminded us that, despite the wintry weather, it was definitely spring!

The cheery and bright flowers reminded us that, despite the wintry weather, it was definitely spring!

While I was at her shop, she invited me into her back room. She was busy working on pieces for a contemporary-style wedding, but she said to go look in the giant refrigerator by myself. Many of the centerpieces and bouquets for the wedding were already finished and waiting in there. It was like a backstage pass! So I quickly shut myself inside the chilly room, armed with my Blackberry’s camera and awe-struck eyes. It was wall-to-wall floral gorgeousness! Here’s a shot of some pearl and satin wrapped bouquets:

My sneak peek!

My sneak peek!

Now if Adam and I could just set a date, I could move ahead with all the flowery ideas floating around in my head!

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Love Pink Day

I’m a pretty frequent shopper at VS Pink.  I wouldn’t wear anything emblazoned with a giant logo (or any logo for that matter), but they win big points with me for being:

  1. Comfortable.  My softest, cuddliest sweatpants (that word sounds so outdated, but I’m not sure what else to call them) are from Pink!
  2. Cute.  I have black. straight-leg corduroys from them, and they have the tiniest pink patch near the belt loop.  It’s a patch of their dog logo, which happens to look like a silhouette of my puppy!  It’s the little things. 🙂
  3. Casual.  I don’t expect fancy stuff from them.  I want clothes I can wear while lounging around the house or pool, and I think Pink totally mastered that genre of clothing.

Perhaps the above reasons explain why I was so drawn to the theme of this bridal shower:

It's all so well-done!

Such attention to detail. Who could ask for more?

My dream stationery?  Check.  Lovin’ the playful use of letterpress!
One of my fav flowers?  Check.  The peonies are in full bloom.  Gorgeous~~~
My choice in polish?  Check.  Gotta have Essie!
My favorite food of all time?  Check.  Hello, big, juicy strawberries 😉
The best color ever?  Check!  Hot pink, soft pink, they covered the whole spectrum.

I love the idea of bridal showers, bridesmaids luncheons, all-ladies’ tea, and other girlie celebrations.  The giggling, the sugary desserts, the sweet moments shared…I’m all about it!  Any holidays or special events coming up?  I’m inspired to plan a pretty, pink party!

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A Day for French Candy

There are some settings in which I cannot imagine having a bad time.  This is definitely one of them:

Numbered vases, personalized china, monogrammed napkins....

Numbered vases, personalized china, monogrammed napkins....

Roses, bows, and candy are sweet surprises against the sleek, contemporary linens and glasses.

Roses, bows, and candy are sweet surprises among the sleek, contemporary chairs and linens.

I saw this bridal shower at Hostess with the Mostess, who saw it at  The ever-creative Hostess blog suggested a “French Candy” theme for this party.  French-inspired nibbles (hello, chocolate!) and drinks would be perfect in the Parisian cafe atmosphere.  I’d love to create all of this for an all-ladies event, like a bachelorette party (the innocent kind), a bridal shower, or a birthday celebration.  I imagine we’d all have a faaabulous time!

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Flooffy Flower Day

One of my second graders used to bring me these flowers, picked fresh in the morning from her garden. 



I had never seen (or noticed?) them before and had no idea what they were called.

They were beyond fluffy, to an extreme that I call “flooffy.”  They were fragrant, soft, and light–the makings of the perfect wedding flower.  And now I know their name: Peony.

Picture source: Apartment Therapy

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Little Frog Flower Day

Ranunculus means “little frog,” probably named because the flowers, like frogs, are often found near water.

Frogs are fascinating creatures, but I would argue that ranunculus are much prettier.

Petals galore

Petals galore

The bright pink ones would be perfect in a corsage or sitting atop a wedding cake 😉

Picture source: Michelle Rago

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Wind Flower Day

Oh, lovely anemone.

Pink, pink, and pink anemones

Pink, pink, and pink

I wonder how many of you I can afford on my wedding day 🙂

Source: elseachelsea

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