High School Satellite

When Jeanette and I met for our Christmas celebration, we took a little time to discuss satellite party details!  About that: My wedding planning book calls all the events surrounding a wedding “Satellite Celebrations,” so that’s what I’ve taken to calling them.

We brainstormed a list of themes that we could use for any of the events.  Since Adam and I met in high school, we thought a high school theme would be appropriate!  Besides our little brainstorming session, Jen wants to keep the details of these parties a surprise.  But I couldn’t resist—as soon as I got home, I did some research to flesh out the theme!

For starters, we could set the tables with simple centerpieces in our school colors.  Ours were red and white, just like this.  Check out the notebook paper place cards!

tablescape highschoolSource

Stacks of colorful books look fresh, while invitations inspired by library book cards lend some nostalgia.

wlovesplendor books kidsencyclopediasSource

 This wall of lockers could serve as a doodle pad and guest book for the event.  Those two decked-out lockers would be his and mine.  They’d be so much fun to decorate!


Mini chalkboards, biggie chalkboards—the teacher in me loves them all!  We could use these to display a menu, seating chart, or directions for a game.


And the secret reason that BFF and I love this theme?  Because we L-O-V-E High School Musical!  A high school themed party would be the perfect excuse to play HSM soundtracks in the background and make food tributes to the movies (“A pi pie!”  “Strudels, scones, even apply pandowdy!”).  We’re so sneaky.

Are you clued into themes for your satellite celebrations, or are you looking forward to being surprised?

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Guestbook Idea: A Day in Memory Lane

Le sigh

Le sigh

Do you see what I see?
I see a book I would LOVE to make but may not have the memory (and patience) to create.

This is a guestbook from a wedding over at Snippet and Ink.  The couple saved receipts, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia from their years-long relationship.  They used the artifacts to create a lovely book, made even more special with the notes and signatures of their wedding guests!

Captions, too!

Captions, too!

I have boxes and boxes of memories like these. If I want a book like this in time for my wedding, I’d better start working on it now!

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Guestbook Idea: Happy Booth Day

Who doesn’t love a good old photo booth?

They bring the wacky faces and out-of-control giggles out of anybody.  I’m a fan, and I would love to go to a wedding with a photo booth.

Since no one else has volunteered, maybe we can have one at ours!

I'd love to personalize our booth like this.

I'd love to personalize our booth like this.

The booth above is from Mrs. Cupcake‘s wedding on Weddingbee.  Guests could leave one strip of photos in our scrapbook/guestbook and keep the rest! I love this guestbook:

Capture your friends' and families' silly faces forever!

Remember people's silly faces for years to come!

There are quite a few photobooth companies in our area!  Here are the names and locations of a few we might consider:
Photo Booth Express in Des Plaines
ShutterBox Photo Booth in Chicago
Chicagoland Photo Booth in Glen Ellyn
312 Photo Booth in Oak Park
Windy City Photo Booths in Plainfield

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