The Veil-Slash-Guilt Show

A while back, the ladies at my dress shop said a veil designer was having a veil show at the shop, so I made an appointment to try on my dress with all different veils.  My BFF, my Auntie J, and my brother’s family came with me, fully expecting a veil show.  It was not a veil show.

Let me preface this by saying: I love my dress shop.  It’s one of a kind and altogether lovely.  It took me a long time to write this post,  because I don’t want to write anything negative.  In order to make this negative experience into a positive, I’ll tell you what I did in this situation, and what I should have done to make it a better situation.

I put on the sample of my beautiful dress, and the sweet shop owner introduced me to…well, let’s call her Ms. Veil.  Ms. Veil was the veil designer, but she didn’t seem interested in veils.  Instead, she was really adamant about me purchasing some of these:

What I Did: Half-croaked half-whispered, “So pretty!  But I can’t!  No thank you.”  Normally, I would cry out in fear of metals touching my bare skin, but I’d lost my voice to laryngitis and didn’t want to hurt her feelings–she handmade each piece.  Auntie J explained how badly allergic I am.

What I Should’ve Done: Cried out in fear.  Gets the point across faster.

But Ms. Veil had to find something I could buy.  Earrings?  Bracelets?  Sterling silver?  Glass beads with a teeny tiny metal clasp?

What I Did: Croaked, “So sorry, I can’t.”  Kept shaking my head no when she replied more loudly with more options.  BFF and Auntie J tried to speak up, but she talked over all of us.  My throat was throbbing from all the croaking, and I was getting weary.

What I Should’ve Done: Pretended I was mute from the start.  Would’ve saved a lot of vocal strain.

My BFF deftly took off all the jewelry and directed Ms. Veil’s attention back to the veils.  We finally started trying on different styles.  Three switches later, we ran out of veils.  She then showed us hair pieces that we could purchase along with the imaginary veils.

What I Did: Acted completely understanding that she only brought four veils.  Let her stick things in my hair.

What I Should’ve Done: Gotten back to the subject at hand.  Asked to see pictures of the lengths and edgings she talked about.

I asked Ms. Veil if we could use a tulle that lies softly against me (her sample veils were rough against my skin).  She said every company uses the exact same type of tulle, so I would never find a veil that does not feel exactly like her veils.

What I Did: Tried on a veil from the bridal shop’s supply.  Felt how much softer it was.  Kept my mouth shut.

What I Should’ve Done: Said something!

At the end of the night, I felt horribly guilty about not being able to wear her jewelry, so we bought my veil from her.  I didn’t want her to feel like she wasted her time.  After we cut the check, she went over to her jewelry table to put things in order.  The sweet shop owner came over and asked, “So how’d things go?”  And Ms. Veil snapped, “She’s not buying a thing!  She can’t wear a single piece of my jewelry!  She’s allergic to everything!”  Um.  I was standing at the table with them.

What I Did: Felt even more guilty from her verbal explosion.  Said it was all so pretty, and that I was so sorry I wasn’t getting anything.  Left feeling crummy as heck.

What I Should’ve Done: Recognized that it wasn’t a good situation from the start; rescheduled; and left the moment we got there.  Maybe we were all just having a bad day.

I’m a little nervous about seeing her when she finishes my veil.  I hope our second meeting is a million times better than our first!  Have you had any crummy wedding planning experiences?  Did you handle it the way you wanted to, or do you wish you could go back and set everything right?

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His Ring!

Over the weekend, Adam received a big box in the mail. I get overly excited about mail, so I bounced in circles around him, asking him what was inside. And GUESS WHAT HE SAID!

“Probably my wedding ring.”

Oh my-eeeeeeeeee!!!

I cheered him on as he opened the big box. Then there was another box. And then a plastic package! Oh, the suspense!

It was taking way too long. Here’s a steak knife to help, Bun!

By the time we got to the little white box, he was doubled over in laughter. I was dancing and singing about rings and boxes at some point. I couldn’t contain my excitement!

Finally! A glimpse of the actual ring box! And…..Ta daaaaa:

Amazing. It’s amazing! Why is this simple little ring so amazing?

  1. It’s shiny! Oooh~
  2. He’s going to be wearing this from April until…forever! (heehee, you’d think I was writing this post to scare him.)
  3. Whenever we looked at men’s rings, he gave me his “I’m not feeling this” look. This is the ring that changed his mind about rings—it looked awesome on his hand!
  4. It’s symbolic of his commitment. I am beyond sentimental, and just looking at the ring already makes me teary-eyed.
  5. It’s also a mark of his heritage, because he’ll be wearing it on his right hand! The way all Serbs wear it—so says his Tata. 🙂

I don’t know a girl who wasn’t excited about her own ring. Were you excited about his?

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The Dolphin Days of Summer

If dogs get to have their own days of summer, shouldn’t dolphins have a few days to call their own, too?

Hello, Dolphin!

Helloooooo, dolphin!


That's quite a hoop you jumped through, Dolpheenie!

My mini dolphin is special to me for two reasons:  First, Luxi has one, too, so we have twinnie toys.  And second, a boy who’s like my younger brother won them for Luxi and me at his school carnival!  Double sweet!

Almost a year ago, a Weddingbee Pro blogger wrote an entry entitled “How to Take Amazing Engagement and Wedding Ring Photos.”  Soon after, there was a slew of girls posting ring pictures and referencing Anne Ruthmann’s post as their inspiration!  I didn’t follow all of her advice (like not using flash…my room is too dark!), but I will follow her advice from Step Number 9:  “Share it with the World!”

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Sunday Bunday!

Bunny jewelry?  Oh, how I wish I could wear you!

I have very little jewelry, mostly because I’m allergic to a lot of materials.  Certain fabrics, lotions, and metals make my sensitive skin go crazy!  My list of “No-Touchies” includes weird things like athletic pants, hot water, zippers, and metal utensils.

I don’t seem to be allergic to gold, unless I wear it for too long.  However, my engagement ring has been perfectly fine—that must be a sign! 😀  This being the case, I’m too nervous about a possible allergic reaction to purchase the following jewelry, but I’ll happily admire them from afar:

Bunny necklace

Bunny necklace

From a distance

From a distance

 I love how tiny and delicate the necklace above looks!  It’s also very affordable…and sweet…and perfect.  Sigh, I wish I could wear it.

Bunny necklace

Bunny necklace

The necklace above comes on a 14k gold fill chain! I’m not sure that’s enough to protect me from an allergic reaction, but I dig the effort. 🙂 I wonder if I could have something like this made in solid gold.  Heehee, that sounded very emperor-like—“Nice flowers.  Bring them to me in solid gold!  Bunnies?  I want them in gold!”  Ahem.  I wonder how to start a project like that.  Any ideas or advice on the custom-made jewelry process?

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A Wishful, Wistful Day

I love this white necklace:

Heart necklace

The heart necklace of my dreams

  In case you haven’t noticed from my previous posts……
    I tend to fall hopelessly in love with very, VERY specific items.

I longed for this ring until the day Adam placed it on my finger.  I’ve been dreaming about this dress since I was thirteen years old.  There is a purse that I’ve wanted since high school, and my brother still remembers the day my father almost dropped $2000 to get it for me.  I don’t think anyone should spend that much on a purse (even this one!!), but that doesn’t stop me from loving it.

Back to the subject at hand!  I saw these ads for Vera Wang’s Princess fragrance a few years ago and totally fell for the gorgeous heart necklace on the model.  Camilla Belle is beyond pretty, and I love all of the dresses she wears in the perfume ads.  I also love that she’s wearing the necklace in all of the shots, so I can admire it from different angles!  Pictures from Vera Wang.

Side view of the nysterious necklace

Side view of the mysterious necklace

I love silver jewelry with white!

White on white

It's dramatic enough for a ballgown!

Hearts and drama

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