The Perfect Shoes…Two Months Late

Oh, pretty pink shoes.  How you evaded me during my months-long search.

Sure, I eventually settled for these:


They were too high and too foot-bearing (so risqué!), so I only wore them in the morning on our wedding day.  I had to switch to ivory shoes midday.  Ivory!  Do you hear that, pink shoes of the world?  For shame.

What I really wanted was a pink shoe with a lower heel.  Maybe with the bow front and center.  And comfortable, so I could wear them under my wedding dress all day and night.  Well, whattayaknow.  I found it.  Two months too late.


You dumb shoe.  I can’t believe your timing.  Yes, I still bought you.  You were the only pair of your kind in the Kate Spade outlet store, and you were in my size!  You’re also quite pretty and, honestly, you are my ideal wedding shoes.  I don’t know what I planned to do with you when I took you home, but I did figure out one use:

Photos by Hanle Productions

Yep, I wore my post-wedding shoes in our post-wedding shoot!  More to come of those photos soon!

Before I go, I should note that I actually adored my original pink shoes and ivory shoes.  My mom wore the silver version of my ivory shoes to the wedding, and while no one noticed our match-iness, it gave me a happy heart.  So yay for ivory shoes, too. 😉

Did you find anything that was just perfect for your wedding…after your wedding?

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The Post-Wedding Shoot

I now interrupt our honeymoon recaps to chat about our post-wedding photo shoot!  You may recall that we planned to take engagement photos this past winter, but time was not on our sides.  Our amazing wedding photographer, Brittany, liked the idea of switching to a post-wedding shoot; so this Friday, we’ll reunite for our long-awaited engagement-turned-post-wedding shoot!

I love themed photo shoots.  You know the kind I’m talking about.  The amazing Up-inspired engagement session.  The couple that loves road trips.  The flight-themed shoot for a pilot and his future wife.  Once we chose our location (the park by Adam’s former elementary school) and considered our interests (I’m a school teacher; we both love playing in the park), we decided on our own theme: Recess!  Here are some ideas to get us started:


I adore the props in the shoot above!  I’m planning to bring school-time props like notebooks, pencils, name tags, and books; along with some playtime props like balls, Frisbees, chalk, and bubbles.


Perhaps we’ll place our rings on one of our favorite novels or dictionaries (I love dictionaries).


Since there’s a playground nearby, we’ll probably hop on the swings and monkey bars for a few shots!


And here’s the twist: We’ll be doing it all in our wedding gear!  I love the combination of resplendent clothing and the natural beauty of the great outdoors.  You may remember that the photo below was the inspiration for our cancelled engagement photo session.  I’m hoping the glam+nature style works just as well in the summer!


Above: The wintry version.  Below: The summery version.


It would’ve been nice to have done an engagement session with Brittany to get to know her style before the wedding.  But postponing it gave us time to think about what we wanted to do with our final shoot.  And I love that it’ll capture a few moments in our life as newlyweds.

Would you consider switching your engagement session for a post-wedding session?  What theme would you choose for a photo shoot with your loved one?

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Our Friends and Family Plan

Seeking out wedding vendors is tough, time-consuming task.  I looked at ads in local wedding magazines, received referrals from venues, and asked newly married friends.  After swimming through a sea of unfamiliar names, I had an awesome idea:  Ask my mom!  She always knows what to do!

fam2Mommy and me ❤

She thought of some friends and relatives off the top of her head, and I hesitated.  “Is it okay to ask people we know?  Won’t they want to relax and enjoy the wedding as normal guests?”  She shooed away my concerns, and said that she would start asking around.  Here’s who we’ve recruited so far:

  • Our officiant is my uncle.  He’s a pastor and a devoted dad to my two adorable cousins.  He’s also really funny and easygoing—just the kind of person I want close to me on the big day!
  • Our graphic designer is my beautiful and talented cousin.  I have lots of embarrassing pictures of us from our childhood and adolescence, but we’ll save those for her wedding. 😉
  • Our florist is my “auntie.”  She’s not family, but our families have been friends since before I was born.  I have fond memories of babysitting her little girl and watching my mom help arrange flowers for her shop.
  • My hair and makeup artist is another “auntie.”  She has several successful salons in our area, and I am glad that I’ll have a familiar face with me on the morning of our wedding day!

I asked my mom if I should draw up contracts with them, and she said that it’s not necessary.  As long as they’re free on our wedding day, we’ll be all set!  I have to admit, the easy-breeziness of it all worries me.  What if something happens—what if they have to go out of state or they get sick that weekend?

But my nerves settle when I realize that these are people who have known me since I was a tiny tot.  They care about me, and if something went wrong, they would make it right without a second thought.   I feel relieved knowing that the details are in the hands of people I know and love.

Do you have any family-member-vendors or (as other Bees have called them) friendors?

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Our Photographer

Oh, wedding photography.  You make me laugh and cry.  You’re the apple of my eye.  You’re the yummy in my tummy.  You’re the art that makes me sigh.

I love wedding photography so much that I would write one bad poem a day to earn our own set of wedding photos.  Instead, I wrote one letter to Brittany of Hanle Productions, asking her to please be our photographer.  And oh my goodness—she said yes!


I found her while browsing through Snippet & Ink one day.  I followed her link, flipped through the pictures in her gallery, and fell in love with her style more and more with each click.  Her photos struck me as intimate, thoughtful, and honest. Just to be doubly sure I was making a good choice, I asked my BFF to take a look at the pictures, too.  She loved them and said that Brittany takes the kind of pictures that make her cry.  Me, too; me, too!

hanle 1

And just to be triple sure, I pored over any information I could find on Brittany’s website.  I loved this excerpt about her company:

A Milwaukee-based photography company specializing in fine art photography, inspired by high fashion, personal histories, and the beautiful people we are surrounded by each day.  Our clients inspire our work, and it is an honor to capture such intimate moments of their lives.


And just to be quadruple sure, I asked Adam about it.  He liked her style, and he just wanted to be sure that I liked it.  I got all indecisive about it, because I felt like it was such a huge decision.  I thought I needed more options and more time to think about it.  But then I thought about the conversation with my BFF, the descriptions on Brittany’s website, and the pictures I saw.

hanle 2

And I made my decision.  Adam and I took a trip up to Milwaukee to meet up with Brittany.  I was SO INCREDIBLY intimidated on our way there, because I was expecting some kind of luminary photography goddess.  But then we met her, and she was so sweet and humble.  We laughed and talked with her, signed the contract, and drove home with happy hearts.  You can expect many more cheesey poems once I get our wedding photos!  Oh, the songs I will sing over them!

Anyone else out there over-thinking every wedding decision, even the easy ones?  How did you choose your wedding photographer?

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