Save the Date Saga, Part 3!

The lovely Save the Date template we finally chose:


Oh, magnet, you are the one for me!

My BFF Jen and I got to work changing the colors and uploading engagement pictures.  When we dragged and dropped one particular photo onto the magnet, it had the terrible habit of self-cropping…and cutting off the backside of my head!  Now, I wasn’t too worried about the tiny picture on a tiny magnet, but I knew some family members would notice.

My brother and I learned the hard way that our elders will not accept a picture with part of a head cropped off.  It’s a feng shui mindset that they still carry today, and something to consider for anyone who’s sending pictures to Korean or Chinese friends or family members.  And so, Jen and I went to great (enormous! TREMENDOUS!) lengths to respect our elders.

For longer than I wish to admit, we cropped the photo this way and that; felt our hopes rise as the image processed (“This is it!  It’s gonna work!  I can FEEL it!”); and made a big, dramatic hullaballoo every time my head got chopped.  Finally, Jen thought of a photo alteration that had real hope.  Her solution?  “Draw a big box next to you!”  And wouldn’t you know…it worked.

The picture that saved our Save the Dates!

Us and a box: The picture that saved our Save the Dates!

I texted a fuzzy screenshot of the final product to Adam, who was in Cali this whole time.  He loved them and said to go ahead and make the purchase!  The magnets are due to come in a week, so I’ll post pictures when they arrive.  Eee, I’m so excited to see our names and wedding date in print!  Did you run into any unexpected road bumps while working on a wedding project?  How has your family’s culture affected your projects?

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Save the Date Saga, Part 2

Once I decided on MagnetStreet, I started clicking through their 60+ pages of Save the Date magnets.  Not only were there hundreds of designs, but they could also be customized by changing the pictures, colors, and fonts.  Talk about options!  I kept a list of my favorites and showed them to my BFF, who has an eye for design.  She made the decision process quicker and much more entertaining!  All images below are from the MagnetStreet website.

A peppy pink and red option

A bright and peppy option

Above:  We liked the picture, but, of course, that wouldn’t appear on ours!  Jen pointed out that if we do use photos on our Save-the-Dates, people should see more of us than this circle allowed. I agreed—more face on more space!

A neat and preppy option

A neat and preppy option

I found myself in a bit of a conundrum: I loved sweet and simple designs, but they usually had too much blank space for our tastes! We passed on this one, too. By the way, do the folks above remind you of any famous people? You can find our “Oh My Gosh, he/she looks just like…” answers at the bottom of the post! 🙂

A bunnilicious option!

A bunnilicious option!

Heehee, the bunny was just too cute.  And check out the bride’s name!  After some awws and giggles, we both said no to this one and continued our search for people-centered magnets.

A bold, more detailed option

A bold, detailed option

Above:  I considered something different but turned it down before even showing it to the BFF.  I liked the brightness; it just had too much going on for me.

I’ll show you the winner in my next post!  Oh, and about the second Save the Date?  Jen thought he looked like Mark McGrath, and I thought she looked like Kristin Cavallari!  Not enough to be twins, but enough to make us think, “Wouldn’t that be a random couple?”  Back to the topic at hand, how did you choose your Save the Dates?

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Save the Date Saga, Part 1

As soon as Adam and I chose our date, I was ready and rarin’ to start creating our stationery!  First up:  Save the Dates!

I think magnet Save the Dates are adorable, so I started doing some research on magnet-making companies.  The three I checked out were Overnight Prints, VistaPrint, and MagnetStreet.  I’ll let you know about my brief encounters with the first two and my experience using the last.  I didn’t receive magnets from any of them (yet!), so I can’t comment on the quality of their products.  Of course, their prices, selection, and websites may change after this post!

Overnight Prints

Overnight Prints

First, I checked out Overnight Prints.  As of today, a package of 100 magnets (2″ x 3.5″) sells for $44.95.  On first impression, I thought the designs were a bit outdated and impersonal.  Later, I saw that you can select one of their templates and fill it in with your event details, or you can create a completely custom design in three steps, as shown above!  They offered a ton of background images, organized by categories for easy searching.  If you wanted to build your own design, this would be a great place to go.  I wanted a pre-made (already gorgeous) template to fill in, so I skipped over to my next stop:



Vistaprint is currently selling 100 magnets (2″ x 3.5″) for $26.24.  They didn’t have a section specifically for Save the Date magnets, and I had trouble finding my way through the many links on their homepage.  You could modify pre-made templates like the one above, but again, they weren’t my style.  They also had an option to upload your own complete design!  If you have the computer skills to create a full design on your own, I would definitely consider Vistaprint.  Seriously, what a bargain!  And finally…



As of now, MagnetStreet is selling 100 magnets (2″ x 3.5″) for $119.00.  That’s double the Overnight price, and quadruple the VistaPrint price.  But trust me, the Pros outweigh this Con!  First, they have an entire 60-page section devoted to Save the Date magnets!  Also, their Design Studio (pictured above) was marvelously easy to use.  Once I uploaded my photos, I found another bonus: a photo editor within the design studio!  I used my own before uploading the pictures, but that would have been a great shortcut.  Finally, I was just plain crushing on their templates.  Polished or rustic; vintage or modern; silly or serious—their fresh designs covered all the bases.  Despite the price, this smart and stylish website won my business!

Does anyone know about the quality of the magnets from these sites or other printing places?  I’m so curious how ours will turn out!

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Olay Day

Longing for that bridal glow?  Only have $5 to spend?

Me, too!  And now I’m luxuriating in my own glow.  Here’s the scoop:

A few weeks ago, my BFF Jeanette and I were discussing the perils and wonders of body moisturizers.  The most perilous?  Baby Oil.  We agreed that it’s a brilliant product idea, but we both have allergic reactions to it.  And the most wonderful?  That has to be the Olay In-Shower Body Lotion.

Before our conversation, I had a bottle of this wonder-product sitting in my toiletry cabinet.  I bought it out of curiosity but was afraid of an allergic reaction, so I avoided using it for months.  During our chat, Jen told me how she used hers, had no adverse reaction, and even discovered a (totally unadvertised) bonus: A subtle, sparkly glow!



I tried it and have been using it daily for about two weeks!  It makes my skin feel so soft that when I cross my legs, I bounce them lightly against each other and think, “Ooooh, so smooth!”  I don’t love the perfume-y aroma, so I’m on the hunt for the gold-bottled version in hopes that it has a lighter scent.  Lotion-ing up in the shower is super convenient, and as for that glow?  It’s glow-rious!  Heehee.

Indoors, my skin looks fresh and smooth.  Outdoors, the sun reveals the teeniest gold specks of sparkle all over.  Unlike most shimmery lotions, this sparkle doesn’t get all over your clothes or your fiance’s face (isn’t that adorable when it happens, though?).  It’s perfect for daily use in the summer…or for achieving that beautiful, bridal glow!

Got any wonder-products to share about?

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