Must-Do’s before the I-Do’s

Our wedding date is about seven months away, which explains my utter cool and calm about the whole shebang.  We spent the past six months leisurely deciding on three wedding biggies:

  1. Venue:  Signature Events, the suburban offspring of the John Hancock Building’s Signature Room.
  2. Budget:  Small.  About half of the national average.
  3. Guest List:  250 of our closest family members and maybe 5 friends.

Now that those bad boys are covered, I’m feeling pretty accomplished.  There are projects and meetings that will demand our time as the date approaches.  But if you’re like me, you’re wondering what can be done this far in advance!

Puh-lenty, that’s what!  Here’s my list of Must-Do’s for the next month or two:

  • Find a ceremony site that’s not booked yet!  Eep!
  • Meet with my uncle, our officiant.
  • Book an AH-mazing DJ and videographer.
  • Share thoughts with our florist and photographer.
  • Shop for THE dress (omg, yes!).
  • Ask my best girls to be my bridesmaids.
  • Do something (anything!) with our bland wedding website.
  • Collect people’s addresses.  This part doesn’t sound fun at all.
  • Get excited about collecting people’s addresses!

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We Have a Date!


Yesterday, Adam called to ask me how I felt about a certain date in April.  I told him it was a weird number, and he said that’s when we’re getting married!  He had just booked the date with our reception venue.  Mine was probably not the response he was expecting. 🙂

I am SO thankful that my responsible, thoughtful Bun chose the date.  I’m too indecisive to choose something so important (monumental!  eternal!!  oh, the pressure…), but I did help by making sure our date checked out with some important considerations.  For example:

  1. Sports:  Our date is long after the 2010 Winter Olympics and Super Bowl.  Thank goodness!
  2. Memorability: We have to be able to remember the date, right?
  3. Holidays and Birthdays:  Easter and my daddy’s birthday fall on the same weekend, which is also the weekend closest to April Fool’s Day.  That’s just asking for trouble!
  4. Weather:  Our date is usually in the 60s during the day and 30s at night.
  5. Other Weddings:  Wouldn’t it be delightful to be the only Spring 2010 wedding?  Alas, other friends and family will be sharing our season, so we worked around their dates.
  6. The Date Number:  Most numbers bother me, unless they’re multiples of 5 or I can make an equation out of the digits that equals a multiple of 5.  Is anyone else like this?
  7. Sales:  We can hit up the After-Christmas, -VDay, and -Easter sales for lights and decorations!

You can find resources online for choosing a date based on astrology, feng shui, flower availability, and a million other ways.  I am so excited!  Our date is dreamy, and the number is not so weird anymore, because we came up with the perfect equation for it. 😛 How did you pick your wedding date?

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Time-a Line-a Ding Dong Day

The faster you read the title of this post, the more fun it sounds!

I think I’ve figured out a big-picture timeline of our wedding day:

12:00  Get Ready
2:00   Outdoor Pictures
4:00   Ceremony
6:00   Cocktail Hour
7:00   Dinner
8:00   Dancing
12:00  Good night!

This is definitely not set in stone, as we don’t even have a ceremony or reception site reserved!  I found some more great references for creating wedding day timelines.  For now, I only want a rough outline of the day—just to see what 8 hours of photography can cover.  It looks like our photographer could come at 1:00 for some getting-ready shots, and then leave at 9:00 after capturing the essential reception shots (first dance, toasts, cake-cutting).  As our day gets closer, I’ll refer back to the following sites to help me sort out all the little details!

  • Kate Parker Weddings recently posted a wedding day schedule from her wedding planner-extraordinaire perspective.
  • Weddingbee has a timeline Wiki with links to real bride’s timelines.  Check out Mrs. Pomegranate’s for all the tiny details.
  • Blue Orchid describes oft-forgotten elements and the importance of a (secretly) padded timeline.
  • Bella Sugar created a useful beauty timeline for the big day.
  • Anne Ruthman offers wedding day scheduling advice from a photographer’s perspective.

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Timing the Day

HOORAY!  We have a wedding photographer!  More on that exciting news soon! 😉

Our photographer will be with us for 8 hours, which led me to wonder if that is enough time for everything.  Since we won’t have our reception at a place with lush gardens and outdoor wonders, I wanted to take some wedding pictures in a scenic park.  I tried creating a general timeline for the wedding day to see how much 8 hours would cover, but I really have no idea where to start.  Thankfully, there are other fabulous wedding websites out there with plenty of advice!

A Wedding Timeline and Schedule

A Wedding Timeline

Weddingchicks has this detailed wedding day schedule which I adore, because it’s broken down into small increments–down to 5 minutes at some points!  And it includes nuggets of wisdom like these:

“7:10.  Salads Plated and Speeches *TIP* Serve salads BEFORE speeches. Speeches that run long make for wilting salads and put dinner behind schedule.”
“7:45.  Entrées Served *TIP* Serve your vendors as you are served so they can take a break and be back for all of the action! No one likes their picture taken while they are eating so it’s the perfect time.” 

I’m on the lookout for more advice regarding wedding timelines.  If I come across anything else that helps me, I’ll share it here!

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