As in—really, you couldn’t have released these stamps three months earlier?!

I was just at the post office, picking up more stamps for our thank you cards.  They were all out of the wedding band stamps, so the lady behind the counter apologetically offered me these purple pansy ones.  OMGOSH, so pretty.  When I needed stamps for our invitations and RSVPs, our options were polar bears, forever stamps, and these:

The newest love stamps are a giant leap forward.  Here’s hoping for many more lovely stamps in the future!

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Parfait Paperie

We’re back from our honeymoon, and I have so much to share with you!  While we’re waiting for our professional pictures, I’ll take you back in time to the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Between the two- and three-week mark, I worked on printing and assembling all the paper pieces for our wedding.  My cousin, Julie, designed our invitations, menus, programs, table numbers, and photo booth signs.  She is amazing, and I credit all the following gorgeousness to her!  Here’s a look at our coffee table during paper-project-mania:

The place cards were simple—a pretty gray font on white card stock, mounted on silver cards.

I adored our menus!  The border and fonts reminded me of our invitations.

I liked the shadowed effect of our fancy-pants table numbers.  I mounted them on shimmery silver card stock, so they wouldn’t wilt throughout the night.

We placed these signs near our photo booth.  My BFF (Pi Parfait) helped me come up with the wording.  We especially enjoyed the “Ultimate Wedding Scrapbook” part. 🙂

Pi Parfait also helped me design these photo booth tickets.  Aren’t they sweet?

I printed our program covers on Blush Pink card stock.  The inner pages were on regular copy paper.  I spent many long hours and sleepless nights with my paper-cutter while working on these.

The first page of our eight-page program explained the ceremony.  The inner pages introduced our wedding party, parents, and officiant with cute descriptions of each person.  There was also a page about the significance of the church, the processional song, and the traditions we included in the ceremony.

The 6th and 7th pages featured a thank you note to our guests and a map to the reception.

I made 170 of each item, besides the table numbers (20) and photo booth signs.  By the Tuesday before our wedding, I had finished every single one of these projects!  I wanted to be done the weekend before, but there seemed to be no end to the cutting and pasting.  During the process, I’d ask myself if we really needed ceremony programs or menus—I wanted to save myself from more work!  But in the end, I’m glad we had all of these pieces, because they kept our guests informed, involved, and entertained. 🙂

What paper projects have you been working on?  Did you decide to leave out any pieces for your wedding, like menus or programs?

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Invitations: The Variety Show

As I mentioned before, I had trouble deciding how to package our invitations.  You’ll see in this post that each suite had a different belly band, and I used a variety of envelope colors. Ridiculous?  Um yeah.  But our invites looked so pretty bundled in silver and white; and so cheerful and spring-y in yellow and pink.  It was like wrapping presents (I love wrapping presents!), and I had fun making each set a little different.

Now onto the eye-candy!

The hard part of the process was choosing the envelopes for each type of bellyband—I still wanted them to match!

No wait, the hardest part was choosing the recipient for each design.  I mulled over what to send my parents and friends for an embarrassingly long time.  Fun, loop-y bows went to households with girly girls, for example.

Clean, sleek-looking sets mostly went to male relatives and friends.

I loved all the shimmering elements in the set above: silver vellum (who knew there was such a thing?), my favorite feather-y paper, twinkly ribbon, and a silver envelope!

I had most of the materials I needed from previous projects (namely Save the Dates), but I had to purchase extra ribbon and Zots specifically for this project.  Here’s a quick rundown of the materials I used along with brief reviews:

I would totally recommend the each-one-is-a-unique-snowflake route for other indecisive brides!  It totally satisfied my cravings for sophisticated invites and fresh, spring-y invites.  I also loved not sticking with a formula—I was totally winging it the whole time.  Having a system for assembling them one particular way may have sped things up, but not by much.  I was in a time-crunch already, so I was wrapping them up and sliding them into envelopes as fast as possible!

Did you choose to have any variety in your wedding paperie?

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Invitations: The Big Reveal!

Our invitations make me smile for three main reasons:

  1. They have bunnies on them.
  2. They are pink and white, my two favorite colors!
  3. Other people made them.  And they made them awesome!

I did not have to lift a finger to work on these until I received them in the mail—designed, printed, and cut to perfection.  Here’s what arrived at my doorstep!  The main invitation, all dotted and swirled:

I asked for a variety of thick and thin swirls but never would’ve imagined them looking (and feeling!) this amazing.

Above photos by The Aerialist Press

The map and reception card—combined, because I was totally baffled by the idea of a separate reception card.  I loved the pin dot border and small circles of information in the bottom left and top right corners.  The letterpress made the circles look like puffy little pillows!

The RSVP card, which was meant to be a postcard.  Adam thought they would be more secure in their own envelopes, so I upgraded our stamps and bought some bite-sized envelopes for the little cuties:

Here is one cheerful combination.  Please pardon the lack of tables in our home!

And a version with a silver envelope:

And that’s it!  I love every bit of ’em and can’t take any credit for ’em.  Alexandra from The Aerialist Press was extremely professional, sweet, and timely; and I am continually amazed at Julie’s artistic talent.  I told her she should open an Etsy shop—if you’re with me, leave a comment below!  I’ll pass along any comments to her. 🙂

Were you happy with how your invitations turned out?

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Invitations: The Beginning

Hello, all!  Sorry for being ridiculously MIA lately.  After our spontaneous move and all of the resulting craziness, Adam’s work treated us to a much-needed vacation!  We spent a week under the sun in Costa Rica and just flew in last night.  When we walked into our condo, we suddenly remembered all that we had left behind.  Namely, this:

The week before we left was extremely stressful and sprinkled with a few all-nighters.  Our goal was to finish our invitations before we flew off, and it seemed like the closer we got to the finish line, the more obstacles appeared.  To be honest, we really had the easy part—my cousin Julie designed every piece, Aerialist Press printed them, and our families finalized the guest list.  So what kept us up till the wee hours every night?

Rounding the corners, cutting the bellybands, and tying the ribbons…for starters.  Here are a few pieces laid out to let the craft glue dry.  You’ll see that every bellyband is slightly different.  I would’ve liked them to be uniform, but I’m so indecisive that I tried out something new for each one…until I had done 200 different bands.

You’d probably rather see the front.  Here’s my favorite paper of the ones we used for the bellybands.  It’s called Obonai White Feather and was just transparent enough to see some color through it.

We bought the envelopes separately, so there was plenty of stamp-affixing, labeling, and sealing; not to mention handwriting.  Oh, the handwriting!  We were out of time for a calligrapher and couldn’t find the cord to our printer.  I wrote each address and return address on the outer envelopes.  They looked more personal than professional, which I had no choice but to love. 🙂  Instead of showing you a blurred image of someone’s address, I’ll show you how nice the cake stamps looked with our shimmery envelopes!

For the RSVP envelopes, I asked my cousin if she could design an address label.  It was so last minute,  but she whipped up six (SIX!) options for us!  Talk about an over-achiever. 😉  I chose my favorite, printed them on a printer that shall not be identified, and oh-s0-carefully slapped them on our little envelopes.  Here they are pre-postage.  I love the pink dots in the border!

And just when we were at the height of the cutting-scribbling-stuffing frenzy, another task got piled on our plate.  We needed to create cards for the Skup Svatova, the pre-wedding party hosted by Adam’s family.  This part was such a process.

The night before our flight, we worked on our invites for 12 hours straight.  We sealed the last envelope just as Adam’s alarm went off, letting us know it was time to book it to the airport!  We left a box of finished invites with our awesome doormen and felt the stress lift away as we flew off to our tropical vacation.

I’ll show you some delicious letterpressed details next, along with our entire suite!

What was the invitation-making process like for you?  Did you DIY from beginning to end (How do you people do that?!  I am amazed!), or just at the end like me?

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Sunday Bunday!

Yesterday, we officially started apartment-hunting in the city!  I already have my fingers tightly crossed for one beauty.  I know I shouldn’t—it’s so early in the search—but if you had seen the dark wood floors and the entire wall of windows…well, you’d be the one with the finger joints a-poppin’!  When I came home, I began research on interior design ideas, which somehow led to research on whether or not bunnies make good apartment pets.  Which led to pictures of adorable bunny faces.

Which is when I realized there’s only one thing cuter than a little bunny face.

[Pause for comedic timing.]  A little bunny booty!

May I please have this printed on all of my correspondence from now on?  Or at least on the leasing contract that we’re signing in my dreams?


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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Sneak Peek

A sneaky peek at our invitations!  It’s just a little one.  Don’t get too excited!

Mmmmm, swirls and dots and stuff…

As you can see, our entire invitation suite will be pink.  I love it, and it’s cost-effective to have only one color, since we opted for letterpress (squeeeee!).  However, our other colors are grievously absent.  I posted this inspiration board before, but just as a reminder, our complete palette includes bright yellow, pink, and orange:


Spring-y, cheerful, and fun!  I’d like to showcase all three colors in our invitations to give guests a better sneak peek of what’s to come.  I’ve thought of a few ways to add sunny spots of yellow and orange:

  1. Yellow or orange envelopes
  2. White envelopes with bright paper liners
  3. Ribbon tied around invitation suite
  4. Paper belly band
  5. Fabric  pocket for invitation suite

I’m losing steam with all the invitation decision-making.  I hope you can help me out!  I’m going for maximum impact on minimal moneyz.  Which option should I use to brighten up our invitations?

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Invitation Indications

My fantastically talented cousin, Julie, is designing all of my stationery, and she recently sent me some invitation designs.  I was floored.  They’re gorgeous, and I cannot wait to show you what I chose…but you’ll have to wait until after I send them out!  I know, how cruel.  In the meantime, I’ll give you some clues, so you have a notion of what they’ll be like.

She combined many of my stationery-related delights, including bold color:

A graceful border:

A printed medley of thick and thin lines:

Itty bitty dots:

And a little bunny surprise (LOL—not the kind you’d find in the snow):

 Now mash all that together, and you’ll have our invitations!  🙂 

How far along are you in the invitation process?  Are you including any little details that make you swoon?

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Save the Date Rhymes

It’s five months out, and Adam was ready to send our Save the Dates weeks ago.  I caused a series of delays (just call me Miss Indecisive), including a last-minute plan to enclose a sweet two-line poem.  It would add a personal touch and let people know that the enclosed item is a magnet.  We came up with a few of our own, searched Weddingbee for ideas, and asked our rhyming-inclined friends for suggestions.  Out of ideas, Adam suggested we post the question on another online community.

At first, I asked him not to—I thought most of the comments would be useless, crass, and generally anti-wedding.  (It ain’t no Weddingbee!)  And many of them were.  But we did it for fun, braced ourselves for the worst, and, 308 replies later, actually found a few gems!  Here are the ones that made us smile:

We’re having a wedding, as you might have guessed/And this magnet means we want YOU as a guest!

When we met, we knew it was fate/Here is a magnet to save the date.

A magnet for you to let you know/Our wedding’s approaching, we hope you go!

When you go to the fridge to feed your face/Remember our wedding’s time and place.

Put this magnet in your kitchen/So you’ll remember when we’re hitchin’.

He popped the question; she said, “Yes!”/Now he’s renting a tux and she’s buying a dress.

Fish, chicken or beef tonight/We’re getting married, you’re coming right?

You might remember this date in your head/To be safe, here’s a magnet with the date we will wed.

Good company, good food and good wine/Please be there when I make her mine.

Like this magnet on metal, we’re joining together/So make sure you’re there when we make it forever.

A small reminder for you to keep/Of the day your friends took the leap.

Instead of eating that leftover meatloaf/Come to our wedding in April, you sweet oaf.

We’re getting married a little later/Keep this on your refrigerator.

Before you eat too much to easily digest/Remember this date to fit in your dress.

____ and ____ will soon exchange vows/Then culminate the night with bow-chicka-bow-wows.

Our wedding is what this magnet’s about/So if you can come, just give us a shout!

Save the date, we hope you come./There will be cake, OM NOM NOM NOM!

We’re still deciding on which one to use.  If it were your magnet, which one would you choose? 🙂

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A Map of Our World

Our invitations are currently in the works!  I’ve been talking with a graphic designer to come up with something formal, bright, personal, and cute!  I love cute. 🙂  And even though I have no idea what it will look like, I already know that my favorite part is going to be the map!

Mr. Parfait and I grew up (and currently live) in the town where we’re having our ceremony.   Our houses are about 30 seconds away from each other, and our reception venue is just down the street!  All of this close proximity means that we can feature our favorite places on the map, including:

  • Our current homes
  • The place we met: Our high school!
  • The hill where we have all our picnic-and-frisbee afternoons
  • The fountain where he proposed to me
  • Our favorite restaurant
  • Our favorite ice cream shop
  • Oh, and our church and reception venue…can’t forget those!

While looking for map-inspiration, I came across Aerialist Press.  I fell in love with the maps in their gallery!  Here is a sampling of what they create:

map aerialistSource

map aerialist2Source

map aerialist3Source

These three maps have completely different styles, but I adore all of them!  The first is formal; the second is playful; and the third is very straightforward.  I think my older relatives would appreciate the third one the most, but my younger ones would get a kick out of the second one.


Isn’t this so creative?  I had to include this map, because our first date was at The Cheesecake Factory, too. 🙂 

 Which map is your favorite?  And what other places would you include on your wedding map?

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